Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Fall Foliage Sightseeing In Korea - Donghwasa Temple of Mt. Palgong, Daegu

Fall Foliage Sightseeing In Korea
Donghwasa Temple of Mt. Palgong Daegu

Mt. Palgong, the mountain of Daegu, Korea shows off its different sides every season! It’s a popular tourist spot in Daegu known for its beautiful autumn leaves.

Donghwasa Temple, located in Mt. Palgong’s Donghwa District, is also a famous attraction where tourists from all over the country gather on weekends and holidays. Autumn in Mt. Palgong has arrived earlier than the city and the place is now beginning to be colored with variegated maple leaves.

This is the entrance to Donghwasa Temple in Mt. Palgong. You can enter the temple via car. The entrance fee in Donghwasa Temple is 2,500won for adults, 1,500won for teens and 1,000won for children. The parking fee for using the parking lot inside is 2,000won.

This is the road to Donghwasa Temple in Mt. Palgong and as you walk, you’ll be able to see colorful autumn leaves.

The young monks will welcome you before you enter the Daeungjeon Hall of Donghwasa Temple. :)

You’ll be able to see the Daeungjeon Hall as you go up the entrance. 

If you go for a 10-minute walk from Daeungjeon Hall to the Tongil-daebul Buddha statue, you’re highly encouraged to enjoy the red and yellow swirls of autumn leaves.

The Tongil-daebul Buddha statue is a 30m high stone Buddha completed in 1992 in hopes of achieving unity.

If you want to enjoy the autumn leaves of Mt. Palgong in a high and open place, you can ride the cable car. It will give you the panoramic view of Daegu city.

35, Dohak-dong Dong-gu Daegu

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