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Exciting Life In South Korea - Unforgettable 365 Days In Daegu, The City Full Of Festivals

Hello Daegu!!
Exciting Life In Korea

1st September 2015 was the day when I first arrived in Daegu and since then it is and will always be my hometown in Korea. Before coming to South Korea, I heard about only two cities, Seoul and Busan but upon doing some research and googling stuff, I already had found a lot about Daegu. I knew that it is one of the biggest cities in Korea and also the hottest, to which I was actually very happy for, since I am not a big fan of winter. :) I can’t believe a year has passed, I have seen both winter and summer, fall foliage and cherry blossoms. God, I love this city. I love Daegu. :)

Sometimes you can’t find words to express your feelings and that’s what is happening to me. It’s sometimes hard to express how much you love to someone, but my case is even tougher. Expressing your love towards a city in words is not easy. But in a nutshell, whenever I hear ‘Daegu’ from someone, from somewhere, it puts a smile on my face :) 

Throughout this one year, I have made unforgettable memories here. There was always something to do every week or every month of the year. Daegu Fireworks Festival, Daegu Parade, Daegu Lantern Festival, Daegu International Musical Festival and the list goes on. So to celebrate my1styear in Daegu and to show my love towards this beautiful city, I decided to write about all the major events and festivals that held during this year and gave me precious memories to cherish for the whole life.

Daegu Lantern Festival
Colorful Merrymaking At The Dalgubeol Lantern Festival  
Daegu Lantern Festival which is called Colorful Merrymaking At The Dalgubeol Lantern Festival held in the month of April and May to celebrate Buddha’s Birthday. During the whole period you could see hanging lotus shaped lanterns everywhere in Daegu making the city look more colorful. Buddha’s birthday celebrations continue with lots of different activities like lantern parade, floating lantern etc. Among these activities, my favorite one was Flying Wishing Lantern.

Colorful Daegu Festival
Daegu Colorful Parade Festival was held on May 7th and 8th and  is one of the biggest parades I had seen in my life having 7,500 people participating in more than 140 teams and I am proud to be one of those participants. :) The parade was broken down to different categories of kids, families, districts, universities, etc and each team showed off their unique talent by decorating themselves in various costumes. I was part of international team from Keimyung University.

Fireworks At Duryu Park
Duryu Park's Fireworks was also one of the best fireworks demonstrations I have ever seen. I remember I went to Duryu Park with my friends almost 2 hours before the fireworks began since we knew it would be very crowded but the moment we reach Duryu Park, we were shocked to see that it was already full of people and everyone was so excited to celebrate the fireworks. Somehow we managed to get the best place to see the fireworks, and yes it was exactly beneath Daegu’s 83 Tower :)

You can watch a short clip of the fireworks here

Daegu Yangnyeongsi Herb Medicine Culture Festival
What else can be a better option to heal both body and mind at the same time than Daegu Herb Medicine Festival? Daegu Yangnyeongsi (herb medicine market) used to be an international market for herbal medicines with a 350 years history and the tradition is still alive. I had quite fun while washing feet in water pool purified with herbal medicines and tried lots of traditional foods.

While thinking about these festivals, I remember other events like Suseong Lake Musical Festival, CHIMAC Festival which is the famous chicken and beer festival, Body Painting Festival, Palgong Autumn Foliage Festival and so on. In short, no matter what time of the year you visit Daegu, you will always find some interesting, adventurous and exciting festivals going on.

I have made unforgettable memories in this city and I always say this ‘Once you have lived in Daegu, no other city is good enough’ :) 

Written By Majid Mushtaq
The International Student Supporter For Daegu Tourism

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