Thursday, November 24, 2016

Destinations For Music Lovers #1 :: Trip To Kim Kwang-suk Road Of Daegu For Music & Mural Arts

Destinations For Music Lovers #1
Kim Kwang-suk Road

Written by Oh Joo Hwan
Travel Writer

Daegu, music flows through it. It is not the kind of music that makes the body move passionately but music that is calm and warm. In a world dominated by digital music, Daegu Travel recommends three music places of Daegu where you can appreciate the long-awaited analog songs. The first place of them we would like to introduce today is Kim Kwang-suk Road. 

Kim Kwang-suk Road is a mural street by and for Kim Kwang-suk who was a popular singer and song writer in South Korea. In 2009, 11 artists gathered to honor Kim Kwang-suk whose hometown is the Bangcheon Market of Daegu.

The wall of the 350-meter street is full of drawings and lyrics of Kim Kwang-suk. After being greeted by the bronze statue of Kim Kwang-suk (depicted as playing the guitar while sitting down in crossed legs), I headed towards the alley. It starts off with a description of the singer named Kim Kwang-suk followed by his album cover, where he is shown as singing while playing the guitar and travelling on a motorcycle. There is also one mural that has lyrics written on it. These are things that fans of Kim Kwang-suk would love to see. The best thing is the face of Kim Kwang-suk that welcomes everyone with a wide smile.

Kim Kwang-suk left us in a sudden death in January of 1996. However, with the presence of Kim Kwang-suk Road, we can always see him whenever we miss him. Thanks to this street, he is always alive by our side. Even generations who are not familiar with him get to know him because this mural street is a tourist spot in Daegu. Kim Kwang-suk’s name is as popular now as it was before due to this mural street.

Rather than just concentrating on the murals at Kim Kwang-suk Road, you should also listen closely to the songs that can be heard through the speakers. When his songs flow out, you should hum the song and get soaked into the atmosphere. Kim Kwang-suk Road magnified with songs that are sang during sunset, lyrics that touch the heart, and the voice of the singer that conveys emotion make the street feel like a concert scene.

10min walk from Kyungpook Univ' Hospital Station on the line 2 of Daegu Subway
2232, Dalgubeol-daero, Jung-gu, Daegu, Korea
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