Monday, November 28, 2016

Destination For Music Lovers #2 :: Korea’s First Classical Music Hall In Daegu 'Heimat'

Destination For Music Lovers #2
'Heimat' Classical Music Hall

Written by Oh Joo Hwan

Travel Writer

Heimat is Korea’s first classical music hall that opened in 1957 and is kept by 3 generations. The word ‘Heimat’ is a German word which means hometown. For people who love classical music, this place is like home.

Once you get inside, you will see portraits of classical music composers on the wall of the corridor. You will immediately find out the meaning of the drawings. It is because the interior of the hall is decorated like a theater and not a café. With huge speakers placed in front, you can concentrate and listen to the song. If you have a song that you enjoy listening to, you may request for it to be played but if you have none, then you just have to listen to the song chosen by the owner. It features a lot of albums that are hard to find locally and abroad so it is rare not to hear the song that you want.

What made them open the doors of a classical music hall in Daegu?
Mr. Kim Soo-eok, who fled from Seoul during the Korean War, opened Heimat with the purpose of ‘healing the reality of an impoverished world with music’. He was a music lover to the point that he fled with a ton of albums instead of household tools. It was a time when living was harsh but during the 1960’s-1970’s, customers even stood in the long waiting line to enter the music hall.

Over time, Mr. Park Soo-won, the grandson of Mr, Kim Soo-eok, is now keeping the hall’s existence for the third generation. Mr. Park Soo-won, who grew up listening to classical music since he was young, is also a composer and a professor who educates younger students in the university.

Heimat is open for 365 days. They are open even during holidays for customers who come from far places. Just by paying the entrance fee, you can enjoy tea and music for as much as you want.

■ Opening Hours 
    10:00 to 21:00

■ Contact 

■ Address
    45, Dongseong-ro 6-gil, Jung-gu, Daegu, Korea

■ Direction
    10min walk from exit 2 or 3 of Jungangro Station on subway line 1

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