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Korea's Must Visit Attractions - One-Day Daegu Tour Itinerary

Korea's Must Visit Attractions - One-Day Daegu Tour Itinerary
One-Day Daegu Tour Itinerary

I came to Korea last year and since then Daegu has been my hometown in Korea. I love this city so much and I believe that once you lived in Daegu, no other city is good enough :) From high mountains to skyscrapers, traditional Hanok Villages to luxurious hotels and beautiful landscapes to diverse delicious restaurants; the hometown of Samsung has so much to offer throughout the year.

No matter which days of the calendar and which season of the year you come to visit Daegu, it will welcome you with open heart and make you come back again and again to this beautiful city.
If you are travelling to Daegu for a day or two, here are the must visit attractions you should visit during your short stay. These attractions are the ones located close to each other, so that you can visit as many sites as you can and don’t have to spend time on taking subways to go far off places.

If you are coming from Busan or from Seoul, you probably will get off at Daegu Station, or Dong-Daegu Station. The first place to visit which is very close to Daegu Station is Dongseong-no. 

This area is called as the downtown and heart of Daegu where you can find all the things you need, movie theatres, shopping malls, restaurants, clubs, bars, departmental stores and night spots.

No matter what time of the day you come here, you will always find it full of life and energy. Most of the times, you can also see people performing art and music related performances here. Not only that, in Dongseong-no you can find diverse range of restaurants like Russian, Thai, Vietnamese, Pakistani, Indian, Mexican, Turkish and the list goes on.

Our next stop would be traditional Korean market ‘Seomun Market’. Being the biggest traditional market of Daegu with approximately 4000 shops, it is also one of the oldest markets of Korea since Joseon Dynasty. 

Seomun Market is my personal favorite and I almost go there every weekend. The reason is you can buy all kind of stuff at very cheap rate and eat delicious foods. But above all, I love the way Ajumma(Korean word for a married, or marriage aged woman) treat foreigners there :) Most of the times they give foreigners special discounts and if you can speak even little bit Korean, they will give you extra food for free. :)

Seomun Market has recently emerged as Korea’s Biggest Night Market. Since June, it is open 24 hours a day and you can hangout the whole night here and try wide variety of delicious food.

Our next stop would be Kim Kwang-seok Walking Street. This street has been named in memory of Daegu’s native and one of Korea's most famous musicians and folk-singer - Kim Kwang-seok. 

The street is decorated with painted mural walls in the theme of life and music of Kim Kwang-seok. Upon the entrance you can also find his sculpture while playing guitar. 

You can also find lots of coffee shops and restaurants and enjoy walking with your loved ones while listening heart touching songs of this great artist.

Our last stop would be Daegu’s Tower and Duryu Park. 

Duryu Park is located near Seongdangmot(Seongdang Pond) where fountains and gardens are beautifully landscaped. 
Duryu Park is also full of life and energy. No matter which time of the year you go, you can always find events and performances happening here. You can also find Daegu Culture & Arts Centre, An outdoor Musical hall and a Tourist Information Centre.
Next to Duryu Park is the famous Daegu Tower also known as 83 Tower because of having 83 floors.

This tower is the symbol of Daegu and offers and incredible view of the city at night. It has a sky lounge on 83rd floor, an observation platform and various ethnic food restaurants in each floor.

No doubt, Daegu is full of touristic attractions but the above ones are the must visit attractions if you are here for a day or two. So if you are planning to visit this beautiful city, Daegu is waiting to welcome you and to make your stay a memorable one. And don’t forget “You can always leave Daegu, but Daegu will never leave you” :) 

Majid Mushtaq
Daegu Internatinoal Supporter For Daegu Tourism

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