Friday, October 28, 2016

Korean Food Street Of South Korea - Bukseongro Bulgogi & Udon Tents In Daegu

Korean Food Street Of South Korea - Bukseongro Bulgogi & Udon Tents In Daegu
Bukseongro Bulgogi Tents In Daegu

When someone told me about the Bulgogi tents in downtown I knew that I have to go there with my friends. This place is perfect because the food is good, prices are reasonable and the environment is just perfect for hanging around. 
The tents open at night and citizens of Daegu usually go there in this rainy Autumn weather.

Bulgogi is marinated pork with barbecue sauce, but the charcoal stove gives it that special flavor. It is served in a big dish piled high, with the typical side dishes kimchi radish and onion with soy sauce. The bulgogi is complemented with Udon, which is noodles soup with fish cake, onions and chili flakes.

The Bulgogi is a delicious option if you get it with beer or soju. :) Depending on what you order, the prices can go from 5,000w to 20,000, which is enough for 4 people.
So going to Bukseongro Bulgogi tents is a good option for starting a party night in Daegu downtown with friends.

The Bukseongro Bulgogi tents are located at Bukseongro 2-ga, Joong-gu, 15 minutes walking from Jungangro subway station (red line). If you don´t want to walk, then take a taxi in the station, once you see Daegu bank, make sure it’s on your left. Keep walking to the first side street past Daegu bank. There are three tents there on your left.


Bukseongro 2-ga, Joong-gu, Daegu

Written by Calors Andres Vazquez
Daegu International Student Supporter

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