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Historical Travel Destination In Korea #2 - 'Nokdong Seowon' In Daegu, Traditional Educational Institution Of Korea

Historical Travel Destination In Korea - Nokdong Seowon In Daegu, Traditional Educational Institution Of Korea
Historical Travel Place Of Korea
Nokdong Seowon In Daegu

Written by Kim Suk-hyeon,
Travel Writer

Today, Daegu Travel would like to introduce Nokdong Seowon in Gachang, Daegu. Generally, Seowon is a place built in honor of Confucian scholars with high virtues and academic studies. Nokdong Seowon was built in honor of Kim Chung Sun, the Japanese general who got naturalized during the Japanese invasion.

When you arrive at the front of Nokdong Seowon, you will two buildings on your right and left. The right side is for Korea and Japan’s unity called Korea Japan Friendship Center and the left side is Chungjeolgwan hall– a place where the things donated by a descendant of Kim Chung Sun are displayed.

Korea Japan Friendship Center, which is an exhibition place, is mostly about general Kim Chung Sun. It features a place where you can learn and experience tea etiquette and ceremony, a place where you can see the culture and costumes of Japan and a place to see Kim Chung Sun’s life story in 3D animation.

During the outbreak of the Japanese invasion, the Japanese general Sayagara brought 3,000 soldiers to Joseon and naturalized and criticized the Japanese generals. Later on, he was given the name Kim Chung Sun. During the time of the Japanese invasion, he led Joseon soldiers to several victories. In 1789, Kim Chung Sun started to train younger students until his death. This Seowon is the place where he established Woorok-li in Gachang.

The buildings of Nokdong Seowon are neat and simple. Next to Seowon is the Nokdongsa ancestral shrine and the mausoleum of Kim Chung Sun can be found at the back road. Spa valley, Hillcrest, Gachang reservoir, and Gachang jjinpang(steamed bun with red bean paste filling) street are attractions that can be seen on the way to Nokdong Seowon.

Getting to Nokdong Seowon 
Take '가창2'('Gachang2' bound for 'Urok') bus across Daegu Station or Chilseong Market, and get off in front of Nokdong Seowon.
Address: 585, Urok-ri, Gachang-myeon, Dalseong-gun, Daegu, Korea
    1330 Travel Hotline: +82-2-1330 (Korean, English, Japanese, Chinese)

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