Thursday, September 29, 2016

Shopping Tourism Festival 2016 KOREA SALE FESTA With K-POP Stars - Tour & Shopping For Foreign Visitors, Korea Black Friday

Shopping Tourism Festival 2016 KOREA SALE FESTA - Tour & Shopping For Foreign Visitors, Korea Black Friday
Shopping Tourism Festival 2016 KOREA SALE FESTA

Korea Sale FESTA is the first global shopping tourism festival in Korea held from September 29 to October 31, 2016, which combines special shopping offers and Hallyu culture festival with entertaining events for foreign tourists. During the Korea Sale FESTA in Daegu, Daegu International Fashion Culture Festival and Daegu International Opera Festival will take place!
Never miss out this chance to get special shopping offers, and experience Korean cultures when traveling in Korea! Korea Sale FESTA will take place with three themes over 33 days.
Check out the details below.

■ Term
    Sep 29 to Oct 31, 2016
■ An Opening Ceremony with K-Pop Stars
    Sep 30 at Yeongdongdaero in Seoul

■ Korea Sale FESTA Shopping
    Mega discount offers for 11 days
    Sep 29 to Oct 9

■ Korea Sale FESTA Festival
    A feast of 55 diverse culture festivals throughout the country!
    Sep 29 to Oct 31, 2016
   • Daegu International Fashion Culture Festival 
    - Date: Oct 1 to 3, 2016 
    - Place: Dongseongno Downtown, Daegu, Korea
   • Daegu International Opera Festival
    - Date: Oct 6 to Nov 5, 2016 
    - Place: Daegu Opera House, Daegu, Korea

  Korea Sale FESTA Tour 
     Shopping, tourism festival for foreign tourists
     Oct 1 to Oct 31, 2016

 ■ KOREA SALE FESTA's Website:
 ■ Download Leaflet - Click Here
 ■ Coupon
Here are some tips on how to use the Korea Grand Sale coupons that can get you products or services you need for a discounted price at venues that are participating in the Korea Grand Sale.
*Coupons are valid from 1st of October 2016 to 31st of October 2016

  ▶ Total coupon(paper & image/K-Tour Card)
This is one-pass coupon & K-Tour Card, which is usable in whole participated stores of "Tour&Shopping for Foreigners".
However, benefits of each stores is different by using this coupon & K-Tour Card. Please check the official site or promotion materials about details of discount benefit and information.

  ▪ Online coupon: Customers may use the online Korea Grand Sale coupon below.
(You can also access the coupon via mobile phone or tablet PC)

  ▪ Paper coupon: Customers may cut out the paper-printed coupon on Korea Grand Sale leaflet for use. (Where to find the leaflets: Available at main tour information centers around Korea)

  ▶ How to Use the Coupons
   ▪ Step1. Visit your favorite store that participates in Korea Grand Sale.
  ▪ Step2. Present coupon before you make your purchase, or if applicable, exchange coupon with the store’s dedicated coupon.
   ▪ Step3. Make purchase or receive service at discounted price (or receive a free gift).

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