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Donghwasa Temple Walking Course In Palgong Mountain - A Spiritual Walk With Nature In South Korea

Donghwasa Temple Walking Course In Palgong Mountain - A Spiritual Walk With Nature In South Korea
A Spiritual Walk With Nature
Donghwasa Temple Walking Course

Hi Everyone, This is Sangharsh, a Daegu Travel Blog Supporter from India.
Recently my friends wanted to visit me in Daegu. They wanted to see something spiritual in Daegu where they can hang out and enjoy the nature. So I thought I would take them to Donghwasa Temple in Palgong Mountains of Daegu where they can enjoy the nature and have the spiritual experience which they wanted.

Me and my friends met at Dongdaegu Station at 9 o’clock in the morning. We took GupHeng-1(급행1) Bus at the nearest bus station after getting down the staircase on the right hand side of the station. The mentioned bus goes to Donghwasa Temple. We were little confused at the beginning but the bus driver was very friendly. He told us not to worry as he will let us know where to get down. It was really a nice gesture from him. As we came near to Palgong Mountain, we were welcomed at every step by sign boards mentioning 어서오십시오 which means ‘We welcome you’ in Korean. 

After a while we could see an amazing view of beautiful road leading to the Palgong Mountain with a blue sky on top. It was really worth a view. We were really excited to be lost in the nature.

We got down at Dongwasha-ibgu (동화사입구앞) station. As a matter of fact, the friendly driver informed us about it just before few minutes. It was the last but one station in the bus route.

As soon as we got down we took pictures started looking at the big map in our background and took some pictures.

There was also this beautiful fountain. It was actually a podium where different performances take place at night. It was a lovely place to sit for a while. But we decided to rest later.

After walking for around 10 minutes we came across this big traditional gate which was the entrance to the Dongwasa Temple. 

We purchased tickets for 2,500 won each and entered the place. From here we witnessed the beautiful walking course of Donghwasa Temple.

Me and my friends took this picture in front of the gate. The area was very clean. So we didn’t hesitate to sit on the road and take the picture.

The road leading to the temple was worth taking a walk. It had rivers flowing around and we had to walk on the bridge to cross. Everything was green. Lots of trees, flowers, birds, animals, mountains etc. 

 My friends were also busy taking pictures.

Finally when they were done, we took a group picture and moved on.

After a few minutes of walking we came across this beautiful stairs which led us directly to the inner temple area. It seemed like a cave of nature. If ones looks at the far end of the stairs it looks like a cave of trees. We were eager to enter the cave of trees.

At the end we found yet another small bridge on top of a river stream. From there we had to choose to take a walk towards the museum building or towards the main statue of lord Buddha. Since we had limited time so we chose to go and see the magnificent statue of lord Buddha and worshipping place of monks. So we started on the road that leads to that statue.

While walking we came across this segment of the road. We heard the soothing sound of river stream mixed with the chants coming from the temple microphones and with all that combined, the walk on this road was a experience worth remembering.

As usual we had to take a picture for our memory. ^^

Then walking a little more, we reached the Donghwasa Temple. You can see the magnificent
Buddha on the background. Compare it with my size and you can imagine its sheer brilliance when you stand in front of it.

This magnificent statue of lord Buddha was of 17 meters in height. This structure is considered as one of the world class stone artifacts.

I decided to offer my prayer to the Buddha to get his blessings.

Me and my friends also took some pictures in front of the statue.

My friends were in awe with this place. The liked it a lot.

So together we decided to meditate for a while before leaving the place.

On our way back to the bus station, we say these amazing art installations on the road. 

The entire road was filled with these structures. This road became a part of our walking course which I would like to recommend everyone.

Finally It was time to go back home. So we started walking back towards the bus stop. All of my friends really enjoyed this walking course in the Donghwasa Temple and they wanted to visit the place again.

If anyone is looking for a spiritual & peaceful place in Daegu to take a walk, then Donghwasa is the right place for you. Hope you visit Donghwasa and take a walk alongside the nature and upload many pictures in your travel blog. I would look forward to see them.

Address: 35 Dohak-dong, Dong-gu, Daegu

Sangharsh Soumein Satpathy
Daegu International Supporter For Daegu Tourism

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