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The Most Visited Urban Tourist Attractions in Daegu, Korea For Chuseok Holiday

The Most Visited Urban Tourist Attractions In Daegu, Korea

Do you plan to travel to Korea during the Chuseok holiday(Korean Thanksgiving holiday)?
Daegu Travel will introduce some great urban tourist spots in Daegu for those who will be travelling during the holidays.

  Dongseongno Downtown

If you are looking for a place to shop in Daegu, Dongseongno downtown is the best spot for you. All sorts of clothing and cosmetic brands and department stores are concentrated in Dongseongno. Besides this, you can really enjoy the Daegu center by visiting the hidden cafes in the alley, tasteful and unique shops, large movie theaters, and restaurants famous for their tasty food.

The place is near Daegu subway line 1 Jungangno Station, Daegu Station, and Banwoldang Station, which means that it is easy to go there by taking public transportation. The underground Metro Center at Banwoldang Station, the underground Daehyun Free Mall at Jungangno Station, and the underground shopping mall connected to Dongseongno make the spot a perfect place to visit, regardless of the weather.

· Location : Closed from Daegu Subway Banwoldang Station or Jungangro Station

  Kim Kwang-seok Street (Mural Street)

A street covered with cute murals and where the songs of artist Kim Kwang-seok flows through! 
It is Kim Kwang-seok Street, the most popular street in Daegu. Kim Kwang-seok was a Korean folk rock singer. 

One side of the wall is covered with the lyrics of Kim Kwang-seok’s songs and images of him, while the other side is filled with cafes, craft stores and props stores. All the wall paintings are popular as photo zones. These are often featured in K-dramas. It was used as the setting of a scene in 'Hyde, Jekyll, and me' and 'Oh My Venus'.

· Location : 2232, Dalgubeol-daero, Jung-gu, Daegu, Korea

  Suseong Lake

Suseong Lake, a place where you can enjoy different attractions both day and night!
You can enjoy the view of the lake along with the warm autumn sunshine in the daytime, and you can watch the lake get colored with lights in the evening.

Suseong Lake is known for its beautiful night view but it is also as fantastic in the daytime. It would be perfect to ride a duck boat with family members or your other half and enjoy drifting in the Suseong Lake. Large cafes and popular restaurants are gathered around the lake. It is truly a dazzling spot to enjoy the tasty food, amazing view of the lake, and even tastier desserts.

Don’t forget to catch the music fountain show at Suseong Lake that is only held from May to October.

· Location : 725, Sang-dong, Suseong-gu, Daegu, South Korea

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