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All About Korea´s Urban Railway, Daegu Metro Line 3 Monorail, The Yellow Line / Public Transport In South Korea

All About Korea´s Urban Railway, Daegu Metro Line 3 Monorail, The Yellow Line / Public Transport In South Korea
All About Daegu's Urban Sky Rail

The construction of the magnificent SkyRail began in 2009 and the Yellow Line was inaugurated in April 2015, becoming one of the city´s landmarks.

Riding in the monorail gives you the unique experience of having a new point of view of the city, you will discover how diverse Daegu is, as you see houses, buildings, mountains while you travel in the Yellow Line.

I took the monorail at Yongji (용지) Station and my destination was Paldal (팔달) Station but I decided to take off the train in every stop and see the landscape around, actually it was very fun.

All the stations have a nice view and in every one of them you will see something special, near city icons, people, stores, among others. Surely you will have a new perspective of Daegu.

The train is 15.1 meters long and 2.9 meters wide, it is very comfortable and its capacity is 265 passengers. The windows are perfect for watching the urban landscape but they become automatically blurred when the monorail runs through residential districts and neighborhoods so as to protect the privacy of locals living in those areas. The window blurring option can be set so that it is activated only in certain districts or intervals according to the route information and signals saved on the computer system inside the monorail.

The monorail is designed to operate as a digital ATP/ATO driverless system. The train movement, safety and operation on the new line are controlled by automatic train control system consisting of automatic train operation (ATO), automatic train protection (ATP), and automatic train supervision (ATS) systems. In the event of an emergency, the vehicles are equipped with special emergency “spiral chutes” which drop down so passengers can quickly evacuate to the ground below.

Two of the most popular stations are Seomun Market  (서문시장역) and Suseong Lake (수성못역), you can transfer to the Red Line at Myeongdeok (명덕역)  and to the Green Line at Sinnam (신남역). The total time for going through the 30 stations from Yongji to Chilgok Kyungpook National University Medical Center Station (칠곡경대병원역) is about 46 minutes. The first train leaves the station at 5:25 am and it works until the midnight. 

So next time you take the Yellow Line in Daegu don´t forget to have your camera ready because you´ll see nice urban landscapes and colorful scenes.

Written By Carlos Andres Vasquez
International Student Supporter For Daegu Tourism

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