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One Day Trip To Daegu From Busan - What To See In Daegu In One Day #1, Traveling In South Korea

One Day Trip To Daegu From Busan - What To See In Daegu In One Day #1, Traveling In South Korea
One-Day Tour Of Daegu From Busan

Are you planning a one-day trip to Daegu from Busan while traveling in South Korea?
For tourists who come from Busan city, we introduce a one-day tour course, which can be fruitfully enjoyed in a single day, on a low budget.
See the best of Daegu in a day!
If you rode the Mugunghwa train from Busan and got off at Daegu station, head to Dongseongno, a nearby downtown in Daegu. Dongseongno is only one subway station away from Daegu station, so you may just go there on foot. 

Dongseongno, the main street of Daegu has a lot of unique theme alleys like the Café Street and the Rodeo Street featuring a lot of clothing stores. For those who can’t find the way because it is their first visit, you can explore every corner of Dongseongno by taking a map at the tour information center beside the Daegu department store. Enjoying shopping would be nice, as well as having some coffee or cool bingsu (ice flakes with syrup) at the Café Street.

After looking around Dongseongno, what about heading to Kim Gwangseok-gil Street?
With its colorful murals and the sweet music of Kim Gwangseok, Kim Gwangseok-gil Street is definitely Daegu’s hot place! You can also find cute interior item shops and cafés in here.

While enjoying the one-day tour in Daegu, you get hungry when the sun starts to set.
What about heading to Seomun night market?

Seomun night market, which opens at 7:30 pm every day, is also a must-stop in a Daegu tour!
After satisfying your appetite at the night market, you can finish your one-day tour by returning to the Daegu station!

Getting to Kim Gwangseok-gil Street from Dongseongno(Jungangno Station) (20 mins)
· Take a bus '939' or '309' and get off at Bangcheon market(Kim Gwangseok-gil Street).

Getting to Seomun Market from Kim Gwangseok-gil Street (25 mins)
· Take a bus '309' on the opposite side of Bangcheon market and get off at Keunjang Intersection 1.

Getting to Daegu Station from Seomun Market (32 mins)
· Take a subway at Seomun Market Station on line 3 and transfer to line 1 bound for Daegu Station at Myeongdeok Station.

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