Thursday, August 25, 2016

1-Day Trip To Daegu From Busan City of South Korea - Best of Daegu For One Day Tour #2

1-Day Trip To Daegu From Busan City of South Korea - Best of Daegu For One Day Tour
One-Day Trip To Daegu From Busan City

We are back with another one-day Daegu tour course for those who come form Busan city!

If you visit Daegu by riding the KTX train, you have to get off at Dongdaegu(East Daegu) station. You will arrive at Jungangno(Donseongno Downtown) station of line number 1 in only 14 minutes, just get on Daegu subway line number 1 at Dongdaegu station!

Don’t forget to visit the Hyangchon Cultural Center in Dongseongno Downtown, famous for being a good place to take beautiful pictures! With an entrance fee of only 1,000 KRW.

Hyangchon Cultural Center is a place where you can feel like you have traveled back in time by riding a time machine. You can meet and experience a romantic story of Hyangchon-dong in 1950s at Hyangchon Cultural Center.

Then go to Ayang Railway Bridge, where you can see the vast stretch of Geumho River!
The Ayang Railway Bridge was made by re-creating an abandoned railway bridge. It is a good place to visit and relax, as there is a café at the center of the railway.

You can always see a beautiful scenery here, but this place is especially beautiful with its night view.

Lastly, go to the Dakttongjip(Chicken Gizzard) Alley at Pyeonghwa Market to fill your hungry tummy! End your one-day tour in Daegu by eating chewy and crispy fried chicken gizzards.

Getting to Ayang Railway Bridge from Dongseongno(Jungangno Station) (30 mins)
 · Take a subway at Jungangno Station on line 1 and get off at Ayanggyo Station(Ayang Bridge Station).

Getting to Pyeonghwa Market from Ayang Railway Bridge (20 mins)

 · Take a bus '808', '급행1' or '618' nearby the Ayanggyo Station Exit 1 and get off at Pyeonghwa Market.

Getting to Dongdaegu Station from Pyeonghwa Market (10 mins)

 · The easiest and fastest way to get to the train station is riding a taxi.  it takes less than 10 mins and fare will be around 3,000 won.

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