Tuesday, June 21, 2016

A Modern TrolleyBus Trip Through Daegu Alleyway Tourbus ‘Cheongna Bus’ Hop-on Hop-off Trolley Tour of Daegu Downtown, Korea

Daegu Jung-gu Alleyway Trolleybus ‘Cheongna Bus’

Want to see all the spots where past, present and future revolved in Daegu’s downtown?
Visit Daegu’s most historical attractions by taking a trip aboard the Choengna Trolley, the alley tour bus, which offers various routes.

Cheongna Trolley is the easy and affordable way to experience Jung-gu(middle town)of Daegu. Climb aboard the brand new trolley for the most comprehensive sightseeing tour. You will be entertained and amused as you see Jung-gu(middle town)’s most historical sites, attractions and important points. The trolley makes convenient stops throughout Daegu while allowing you to hop on and off all day.


• Operating hours: 10:00 ∼ 17:45 (first car: 10:00 depart, last car: 17:00 depart)
• Operating times: 7 times per day
• Closed: Every Monday, Lunar New YearㆍChuseok
• DepartㆍArrival location: Hyangchon Cultural CenterㆍDaegu Station platform(Opposite to Hyangchon Cultural Center. In front of Daegu Paid Parking)
   * It allows a visitor to get on and off on any platform

• Fare

• Route Map

• Ticket Purchase: Purchase from the bus driver when boarding (available in cash and credit card)
   * Ticket can be freely used for the duration of the day.
• Boarding Information: There are 8 platforms from which guests can hop on and hop off.
• Time Interval : 1hour (Not operating during 1pm to 2pm)
• Duration : 45 minutes per trip

• Operating Timetable
    * Times may vary depending on weather and traffic.
   * Hyangchon Cultural CenterㆍDaegu Station The next bus departs from the platform after 15 minutes from arrival.

• Boarding Location

Station 1
Hyangchon Cultural CenterDaegu Station
Chugangdae-ro 456 Opposite to Hyangchon Cultural Center. In front of Daegu Paid Parking
Station 2
Daegu Modern History Museum
Gyeongsanggamyeong-Gil 55 East side of Jungbu Police Station
Station 3
DongseongnoFashion Jewelry Special Town
Gukchaebosang-ro 600 in front of Mr. Donut
Station 4
Gukchaebosang Movement Memorial Park
Gongpyeong-Ro 39 in front of Samduk Cathedral
Station 5
Kim Kwangseok Road
Daebong-dong 655-153 South side of Kim Gwangseok-gil Street
Station 6
Bongsan Culture Street
Dalgubuldae-ro 2135 In front of Aegyun Ilbunji
Station 7
Cheongna HillMarch First Independence Movement Road
Dalgubuldae-ro 2033 in front of Eldis Regent Hotel
Station 8
Seomun Market
Dalsung-ro 18 gu, in front of Benesium

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