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Thrilling Adventure, Zipline In Korea - Daegu Hillcrest Eco Adventure with Zipline Activity For Nature Lovers

Thrilling Adventure, Zipline In Korea - Daegu Hillcrest Eco Adventure with Zipline Activity For Nature Lovers
Exhilarating and Incredibly Fun Zip Lines in Korea
Hillcrest Eco Adventure, Daegu

Are you getting tired of city life?
Do want to do something exciting in nature without traveling too far?
Then the zipline in Daegu, South Korea at Hillcrest is an excellent recreational idea.
It has exciting stuff to do to make a day out of it.

When you enter road of Hillcrest, you will find nature all around you and trees and plants scent begin tickling your nose, the fragrance of various herbs will make you feel refreshed and pleasant.

Hillcrest is a kind of theme park composed of a variety of outdoor activities.
There are cute animals, rides, magic show ‘animal and balloon magic’, crafts experience, an herb garden, a cafeteria and other outdoor recreational activity facilities.

Among these many outdoor activities, Daegu Travel strongly recommends you an Eco-adventure course, the most fun of Hillcrest.
It is multiple zip lines placed in-between a range of canopy-top obstacles, including a climbing wall, bridges, ladders and even a snowboard that slides between the trees.

Basically you will get 5 kinds of courses for options which are designed with ladder, wire, rope between tree and tree. 

King Kong course is for adults. The course consists of 22 games and takes 40mins to finish. 
Zipline course consists of 10 games and 180m-zipline. There are courses for youth and children too.
If you are brave and adventurous, try the King Kong course, the hardest course, or 180m Zipline course! 

Are you a little bit worried? Don’t worry.
You can enjoy it after staff’s instructions in Korean.

At the Hillcrest Eco adventrue, you will definitely be refreshed after working out in the forest. 
Why don't you wake whole muscles in your body up and blow off the stress you got this weekend?

Ticket Information
(under 18 year-old)
Weekend & Holidays
Eco-Adventure for Kids
Elsword or Kids Adventure
Choose one of
Zipline or King Kong or Gorilla

By Bus : Departing from Dongdaegu Station(1hour)
1. Take bus 413 across from Dongdaegu Station
2. Get off at Hillcrest entrance(Herbhillz entrance) (41 stops)
※ Bus : 240, 304, 405, 413, 44, Gachang2(가창2), Rapid2(급행2)

By Taxi

It takes you about 30mins from Dongdaegu Station and cost 12.000won.
Copy this and show to a driver : 힐크레스트(허브힐즈)

534-1, Yonggye 5-ri, Gachang-myeon, Dalseong-gun, Daegu, Korea

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