Friday, May 6, 2016

Master Artisans of Handmade Shoes Gathered at Hangchon-dong Handmade Shoes Alley In Daegu - Shopping For Handmade Leather Shoes In South Korea

Hangchon-dong Handmade Shoes Alley In Daegu
Hangchon-dong Handmade Shoes Alley In Daegu

Master artisans of handmade shoes gathered at the Handmade Shoes Alley in Hangchon-dong.

You can see the handmade shoe manufacturers and stores along the alley, which is 300 meters long.
Traditional handmade shoes, which are completely crafted manually, can be purchased from the Handmade Shoes Alley, which was established in 1970 and had its peak till the 90s.

The neat marks of nails which seem as part of a pattern and several layers of insoles ease the impact when walking. Hundreds to thousands hands are required to finish one pair of shoes. The alley has exclusive shoes touched by a craftsman’s hand that orders are made from Seoul and other provinces and even overseas!

Do they seem to be expensive since they are handmade shoes?
Well, you can buy the shoes crafted exactly for your feet at a price even cheaper than the ready-made shoes found in department stores. The price range is from 100,000won to 150,000won. Since they perfectly fit your feet, it is no problem to have a long walk.

Go to Daegu Handmade Shoes Alley if you want to buy shoes tailored exactly for your feet with the touch and technology of a craftsman!

Direction : Get off at Joongangro subway station exit 4. walk across the crossing and turn left after one block. The street begins on that corner and is about 300m long.

9-1, Hyangchon-dong, Jung-gu, Daegu, Korea

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