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Campus Dining - Visiting Campus Restaurants of Daegu, Universities in South Korea, Yeungnam University, Keimyung University Seongseo Campus

Campus Dining - Visiting Campus Restaurants of Daegu, Universities in South Korea, Yeungnam University, Keimyung University Seongseo Campus
Visiting Campus Restaurants of Daegu

Hello, everyone! We are Team Red Writers from International Student Supporters for Daegu Tourism.
This being the first English posting of our group, We had a tough time deciding the theme. Our team consists of students from different universities of Daegu. So we thought of introducing different university campuses in Daegu using University Food (학식) as our theme.

1. Yeungnam University 

First we will introduce to you Yeungnam University. This university is located in Gyeongsangbuk-do, Gyeongsan-si, Daehak-ro-280ro. You can reach this university by taking Daegu Subway line 2 towards Yeungnam University. This is the last stop of the subway. As soon as you come out of the subway exit no-3, you will find yourself face to face with a large and beautiful campus. 

There are 3 student cafeterias in the university. However, the cafeteria near university main gate, named “Student Union Building Cafeteria” (학생회관식당) is much popular among students. Let's start our tour with this cafeteria.

This student cafeteria is situated in the Student Union Building on the opposite side of Central Library. When you enter this cafeteria you will see the menu of the day on display. On a normal working day, they have different varieties of menus like ‘Deop-Bab Menus’ (Deop-bab is rice covered with different varieties of meat and sauces), ‘Bibimbap Menus’, ‘Pork Cutlet Menus’, ‘Ttukbaegi Menus’ (Ttukbaegi means Earthen bowl) etc. However, since we went to this cafeteria on Saturday, there were only 3 menus to choose from. You can choose what to eat and purchase a meal coupon corresponding the food price at the meal coupon counter.

After you get your food coupon, you should go to this place in above picture to get your food. At this place you can pick up your tray, spoon and chopsticks.

Among the 3 menus we choose ‘Jeonju-Bibimbap'. It looks so delicious, right? At only 2800 won, it's cheap, yet you can eat with full satisfaction. There were lots of vegetables and meat in the Bibimbap which made it spectacularly delicious.

After a sumptuous meal, it was time for a small walk. The huge campus of Yeungnam University, is one of the best spots to take a lovely walk. People also take a bicycle ride to enjoy the beauty. The picture above is the front side of ‘Cheonma Art Centre’ where you can find a lot of foreigners hanging out. Best place to make new friends from across the globe.^^

It felt as if we were walking on a road inside a lovely forest. The campus felt very close to nature. There were also roadside benches for talking a rest and enjoying the natural beauty of the campus. 

Do you want to feel the beauty of the land of Korea, with a romantic feeling of campus life in Daegu?
Then we hope that you take a lovely walk after your meal in Yeungnam University.^^

2. Keimyung University, Seongseo Campus

After Yeungnam University, Team Red Writers moved on to Keimyung University, Seongseo campus. 

There are 4 Student Cafeterias in this campus of Keimyung Univesity namely ‘Bauagwan’, ‘Shinbauagwan’, ‘Aramgwan’ & ‘Engineering Cafeteria’.
Today we decided to experience the high quality Pork Cutlet which is famous in ‘Engineering Cafeteria’ of Keimyung University.

This is the beautiful Metasquare road of Keimyung University.^^ It's also a famous photo zone of the university campus. Though the picture is not that clear due to particulate matter in air today, this place looks more beautiful on normal days. 

This road leads to the Engineering college in the campus. If you take a left turn after passing the Swethagwan building and walk straight, you will come across the engineering college.

We were able to see the menu of the day outside the cafeteria. It was very well designed which made it more eye catching and attractive. Then we entered the cafeteria.

Inside the cafeteria we could find the same menu but more attractively designed. That's how we knew that the restaurant puts a lot of effort in attracting the youngsters of the university.

The tables and benches were clean and put in order. It was a nice and clean environment to have your food in the university.
The restaurant is located on the 1st floor of the building. There is also a coffee shop on the 2nd floor. So if you have a habbit of drinking a cup of coffee after your meal then this cafeteria is just the right stop for you. 

First you need to buy the meal coupon at the counter and then proceed to collect your food.

After you purchased the coupon, you need to go to any of the two places in the picture to collect it. 
Our team had a short discussion on whether to eat the famous Pork cutlet or try something else with it. 
We shortlisted two food items from the menu. 

First one was the delicious looking ‘Dakgalbi DeobBab’(spicy chicken rice). 

The second one was the mouthwatering ‘Curry Pork Cutlet’.

Finally we ended up eating both of them. ^^

We could just say Wow!!. The food was really tasty. We liked it a lot.
The price of the food was cheap yet there was no compromise on the quality of the food. 
As you can see we ended up eating all of it. It was just Yummyyy!!

After eating your food, you can deposit your tray and used stuffs at this counter specially designed for this purpose.

If you could read Korean you can understand whats written over there, but if you are able to read it, then we will be translating it for you. It gives a message to the students not to waste their food. The money used to dispose of the food waste is very high. Each day around 200kgs of food is wasted.
We liked this poster because it could rise consciousness among youngsters about the food waste issues.

This brings to an end our adventure to explore the cafeteria food in different universities of Daegu. Daegu is also an educational hub. So its not limited to only Yeungnam university and Keimyung University. There are also may other famous universities like Kyungpook National University, Daegu University etc. We will cover them also in future.

Until then, Team Red Writers wish you all a happy and prosperous life. Eat Healthy, Stay Safe. ^^

Keimyungh university, Seongseo Campus : 1000-2, Sindang-dong, Dalseo-gu, Daegu, Korea

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