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2016 Art Exhibitions In South Korea - Daegu Art Museum (dam) 'DNA' Design And Art', 'Sun-cheol KWUN: The Gaze'

2016 Art Exhibitions In South Korea - Daegu Art Museum (dam) 'DNA' Design And Art', 'Sun-cheol KWUN: The Gaze'
2016 Art Exhibitions at Daegu Art Museum (DAM)

"Art can transform lives. It gives us the power to question, to confront, to explore, and to challenge how we think about the world" - Lucy Llum. Art is commonly known as the last form of magic that exists and considered to have a great impact in our lives. If you are looking to get relax from daily tough routine and be amazed by the artworks, Daegu Art Museum is a must visit attraction for you.

Daegu Art Museum is a public art museum which opened its door in May, 2011. This 3 floor magnificent structure, equipped with modern facilities and exhibition halls, has 7 galleries which is the highest number in the nation. 

Since its inauguration, Daegu Art Museum has been holding exhibitions to promote Daegu’s art advancement and has managed to execute diverse performances and events with both local and international artists.  

Among the current exhibitions, first and the most famous exhibition is D.N.A (Design And Art) which shows artworks from 30 different artists and displays 200 pieces including two-dimensional works, sculptures and installations. 

DNA is the perfect exhibition of combination of both art, which inspires meditation and design, which offers visual pleasure. 

One of the artists, GwonOsang, has created the concept of “photo-sculpture” in which he transforms two-dimensional photographs into three-dimensional images by taking thousands of pictures of a physical mode at a 360degree angle and then attaching them to light polystyrene materials.

Another artist Kim Seungjoo adopts a strategy to deform a ruler so that it might reject its function. 

She disregards the function of a ruler as a measuring instrument and reconstructs sculptural installations in a new dimension so as to cause us to leave behind our fixed notions about the measuring device.

Through her work Kim intends to show that humanity’s criterion of value judgment is not absolute but relative: the criterion is determined by individual consciousness. 
Another artist Kim Byoungho has tried to embody artistic fantasies. He considers a fantasy itself to be formless and seeking things that are invisible in the world.

His work consisting of narrow, long tubes that either fan out in all directions or simply move in one directions putting stress on agile motion. Kim Byoungho seems to breathe life into a cold, metal sculpture by incorporating media in his work.

One of the artists, Koo Seongyoun says that she felt ecstasy and euphoria in the painting of a peony, a flower that is fleeting and evanescent.  

Koo’s Candy series is a two-dimensional work in which she made showy flowers with candy, photographed them, and then printed them out.

The artist seems to capture the sweetness of candy in photography, ensuring that it will never melt away.
A ceramic major, Kim HeeYoung focuses on quotidian consumables such as cheap disposable receptacles and vinyl packing materials and reproduces them into ceramic ware, tiles and wallpaper.

In DNA Exhibition, ‘Two Wheels Hope Bike’, a social enterprise, has been involved in eco-friendly recycling projects such as collecting abandoned bicycles and reselling them after reprocessing them into furniture, interior products or materials for installation arts.

Daegu Art Museum hopes that ‘2016 DNA Exhibition’ will serve as an opportunity to rediscover the direction of interesting art reflecting aspects of modern times in which art is not interpreted as art itself but is associated with economy, society and culture and tries to showcase how design and fine arts effect each other.
Few others master pieces worth seeing are as below:

The museum is also currently displaying the works of South Korean artist Sun-Cheol, Kwun – whose works highlights the hidden side of modern and contemporary Korean history through the trauma of losing his father and uncle during the Korean War as a child. 

The exhibition features a wide range of Sun-Cheol, Kwun works from his early study works to his new pieces for the sake of offering a comprehensive overview of his art and life.

If you appreciate art and looking for a healing space, simply grab your tickets to Daegu Art Museum and get amazed by the art’s magic. 

  • How to get there :

- By subway : Use a shuttle bus running half-hourly after getting off at Daegu Grand Park Station on subway line #2 at Exit No.5 
- By bus : No.Suseong3(-1)
- A free shuttle bus to the museum is available every 30 minutes from exit 5

  • Admission Fee

374, Samdeok-dong, Suseong-gu, Daegu, Korea

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