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Reasons For Traveling to Daegu - Korea Festival Schedule 2016

Reasons For Traveling to Daegu - Korea Festival Schedule 2016
Daegu Festival in 2016

Are you planning the next travel destination for 2016?
Daegu will be your best travel vacation idea for all year round!

Daegu city is full of festivals and events throughout the year for four seasons. 
In 2016, Daegu will be preparing diverse festivals for you! 

Check out the 2016 Daegu festival schedule that lets you see at a glance exactly what's happening in Daegu of South Korea to plan your next trip.

2016 Daegu Festivals Schedule
Festival Name
Spring Festivals
Dalgubeol Merrymaking & Lantern Festival
Apr 21 – Apr 24
Dalgubeol Lantern Parade
Apr 30
Daegu Yangnyeongsi Herb Medicine Culture Festival
May 4 – May 8
Daegu Colorful Festival
May 7 – May 8
Dongseongro Festival
May 13 – May 15
Daegu Fashion Jewelry Week
Summer Festivals
Chimac Festival (Chicken & Beer Festival)
Jul 27 – Jul 31
Youth Hip-Hap Festival
Jul 30 – Jul 31
Daegu International Horror Festival
Jul 28 – Aug 7
Wind Ensemble Festival
Jul 29 – Jul 31
Daegu International Jazz Festival
Aug 2- Aug 6
Daegu Folk Festival
Aug 5 – Aug 7
Arts for Life Festival
Daegu International Body Painting Festival
Aug 27 – Aug 28
Arts & Performances Festivals
Daegu International Musical Festival
Jun – Jul
Daegu International Opera Festival
Oct – Nov
Daegu Photo Biennale 2016
Every other year
※ The schedule may be subject to change 

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