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Happiness of Slowness in Korea - Daegu’s Representative Premium Travel Route 'Palgongsan Healing Course' 3

Happiness Of Slowness in Daegu

    You who become purer and more beautiful the more I Strike, Daegu BangjjaYugi
Museum and A landscape you encounter through slowness, the way to Bukji-Jangsa
          △BangjjaYugi Museum                                The Way to Bukji-jangsa               

BangjjaYugi Museum is the only museum in the country where you can see the BangjjaYugi, a proud cultural heritage. BangjjaYugi is made by molding melted brass, heating it again, and then striking it with a hammer. It is utilized in various uses from daily supplies like dish, basin, and kettle to utensils for ancestral rites and musical instruments. See the BangjjaYugi for yourself, where the wisdom of our ancestors are laid upon.

BangjjaYugi Museum : 399, Dohak-dong, Dong-gu, Daegu, Korea

‘The Way to Bukji-jangsa’, Mt. Palgong Olle Route
 1 , is the first one that opened among the Olle Routes of Mt. Palgong. Anyone can easily walk on the roads regardless of gender and age since a round trip only takes 2 hours at a slow walking pace. From Yukpil Poem Park where heart-rending poems are engraved through BangjjaYugi Museum and to Dojang-dong village and Bukji-jangsa, the way to Bukji-jangsa is best for taking a quick rest while trekking the lonely mountain path.

Mt. Palgong Olle Route 1 (2.4km)
Dohak 2-dong three way intersection ↔ Bukji-jangsa (620, Dohak-dong, Dong-gu, Daegu, Korea)

    A World of Experiences from Harvesting to Traditional Food Making and Crafts, Gooam Farm Stay and a land of loyalty that bloomed the unification of the later three kingdoms, Historic Site of General Sin Sung Gyeom

Gooam Farm Stay                                  Sin Sung Gyeom

Gooam Farm Stay is a village where you can experience Korean traditional culture and farming. It also gives foreigners and people from the city, an opportunity to feel close to the farm village through an experience of rural life and farming.

You can enjoy more than 30 different kinds of farming activities including planting chili seedlings, harvesting sweet potatoes, catching grasshoppers, natural dyeing, and making wooden props.

Gooan Farm Stay Village : 555-1, Midae-dong, Dong-gu, Daegu, Korea

In Mt. Palgong, there are several names of places that are related to Taejo Wang Geon, who fought with Hubaekjae. 

The historic site of General Sin Sung Gyeom is one of them. I believe you have heard of the anecdote about General Sin Sung Gyeom who sacrificed his own life in order to save Taejo Wang Geon who was surrounded by the army of Hubaekjae in the Battle of Gongsan-Dongsu. 
Starting with the statue of General Sin Sung Gyeom(it can be found once you enter the red gate with spiked top), you will find many heritage spots including the Monument of Integrity, the Hoongyeol Monument, and General Sin Sung Gyeom’s Tree.

The entrance for historic site of General Sin Sung Gyeom is located between Sin Sung Gyeom-gil and Pagyero 16-gil. 

    Gatbawi Rock, where hope blooms


Gwanbong Seated Stone Buddha, national treasure number 431, stands at Gwanbong(Gatbawi) located at the eastern end of the ridge of Mt. Palgong. 
It was named Gatbawi Rock because its appearance looks like a gat (Korean traditional hat) on the head.
Legend has it that the Statue of Seated Medicine Buddha ‘grants any person of their one wish’ and because of this, everyone with a wish visits the place. During the months of college entrance exams, this place is full of parents who wish for their children to get accepted by their desired colleges.
Make a wish in Gatbawi where about 13 million people visit to pray and also to enjoy trekking every year.

Gatbawi Rock : San 63, Daehan-ri, Wachon-myeon, Gyeongsan-si, Gyeongsangbuk-do, Korea

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