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Travel to Daegu’s Famous Mountain Mt.Palgong Filled with the Scent of Nature - Daegu’s Representative Premium Travel Route 'Palgonsan Healing Course ' 1

Travel to Daegu’s famous mountain 'Mt.Palgong'

    Open Up Your Mind and Face Yourself, Donghwasa Temple
△ Donghwasa Temple

Palgongsan is called the sacred land of Buddhism in Korea.
Donghwasa in Palgongsan is a Buddhist temple with 20 smaller temples including Daeungjeon Hall and Geungnakjeon Hall (Hall of Paradise) and 11 treasures including the Flagpole Supports, the Three-story Stone Pagoda at Biroam, the rock cliff Buddha, the Stone Seated Vairocana Buddha, the Three-Story Pagoda at Geumdangam, and the leaning tower of Heungjinguk.

The Statue of Seated Medicine Buddha of Unity (30m in height and 16.5m in circumference), known as the biggest stone statue of Buddha, is also here. Take a moment to open up your mind and face oneself in a 1000-year-old temple called Donghwasa located in the dense woods of Mt. Palgong.

    Wisdom in Life Learned from a Moment of Rest, Temple Stay in Donghwasa and 
Beophwabogung (International Travel Buddhist Meditation Experience Center)
 Donghwasa Temple Stay                   △ Beophwabogung

If you want a trip that can heal your mind by leaving your ordinary life for a while, try temple stay at Donghwasa where you can recharge yourself. 
You will learn simple temple courtesies, and participate in alms bowl meal temple rituals. At night, there is a session of conversation where you can sit around with the monks then ask and answer questions with them. I suggest temple stay to all those who want to clear their minds. 

Beophwabogung, located under the Statue of Seated Medicine Buddha of Unity, is an experience center along with the Buddhist Meditation Cultural Center -A Millennium Commemoration of the Tripitaka Koreana. 
Beophwabogung has a meditation area greater than 2700㎡. The majestic and solemn ambience overwhelms and brings out a person’s spiritual mind. There are a lot of things in Beophwagogung that are significant in the Buddhist culture such as the Golden Sarira Pagoda, the Statue of the Feet of Buddha and the Sarira of Buddha.

    A Healing Prescription Flavored with Nature, Temple Food Experience Center

If you are curious about the monk’s way of maintaining a healthy mind and body, Temple Food Experience Center is a must-visit place for you. 
Temple Food Experience Center, which just opened up last May, hosts a program every Sunday at 11 AM where you can make traditional temple food yourself. Artificial spices and five spicy vegetables with strong scent are not used in making temple food which has a plain and clean taste. Instead, natural spices such as kelps, mushrooms, and perilla seeds are used in flavoring the temple food.
The experience lasts for 2 hours and you can make 3 types of temple food including Watermelon Kimchi and Black Sesame Fried Tofu. 

Address : 35, Dohak-dong Dong-gu Daegu

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