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An Appreciative Trip where You Can Learn and Listen in Korea - Daegu’s Representative Premium Travel Route 'Palgongsan Healing Course 4'

An Appreciative Trip where You Can Learn and Listen in Korea
An Appreciative Trip where You Can Learn and Listen

    A Color Therapy Trip where beautiful colors stimulate inspiration, Natural Dye Museum and The Queen’s Scent Kept for 1000 years, Buinsa Temple

△Natural Dye Museum                        Buinsa

In the Museum of Natural Dyeing, you can look at naturally dyed art pieces, access the collection of folk materials related to fiber including natural dyeing artifacts and tools, and experience natural dyeing, Korean paper making, and pattern designing.
Watch the colorfulness of natural dyeing that makes use of natural materials such as Safflower, Silver Magnolia, and Privet, dyes made with natural ingredients, and fabric from nature. Also try purchasing the necklaces and broaches in the museum.

Natural Dye Museum : 467, Jungdae-dong, Dong-gu, Daegu, Korea

Buinsa Temple is an old temple that was established by Queen Seondeok in the mid-century. A portrait of Queen Seondeok is hanged in Sungdeok-jeon. The place is also famous for having an administrative office from Goryeo King Hyeonjong to King Munjong and for keeping the very first collection of sacred writings of Buddhism. You can also find excellent cultural heritages from Silla dynasty such as twin pagoda and a stone lantern, Baeryeseok, and Seated Rock-carved Buddha.

Buinsa Temple : 356-1, Sinmu-dong, Dong-gu, Daegu, Korea

    Sound of Water that cleanses the heart, Sutaegol Valley and A training center for safe life, Daegu Safety Theme Park

   △Sutaegol                                 Daegu Safety Theme Park

Sutaegol, a spot with the best sound of water is hidden in Mt. Palgong. Underneath the shadow of the thick forest, the ringing sound of water never stops. It is less than 30 minutes away from the city and it is best to go here when you want to have a taste of nature. Sutaegol trekking course is a popular course to climbers regardless of gender and age since the way to the peak is not steep. Also, the sound of the valley’s waters gives the climbers a feeling of being friends with nature.

Sutaegol : Yongsu-dong, Dong-gu, Daegu, South Korea

Daegu Safety Theme Park is a place where you can train about the proper way to handle small and big incidents that can happen anytime in our daily lives such as fire, earthquake, and natural calamities. A terrible accident in the subway of Daegu in 2003 is the reason why it was established. All disastrous situations are practiced and you will also learn various safety rules.

Daegu Safety Theme Park : 89-13, Yongsu-dong, Dong-gu, Daegu, Korea

    A refreshing feeling at Sky Park, Mt. Palgong cable car (Sky Park)

△Palgong cable car                             △Sky Park

One of the most comfortable ways of enjoying Mt. Palgong is to use the Mt. Palgong Cable Car. 7 minutes in the cable car will get you right in front of birobong at 870m above without sweating at all. At the peak of Mt. Palgong cable car, you can see the highest peak of Mt. Palgong, Birobong, Dongbong, Seobong, Byeongpung Rock, and Yeombulbong. This fine ridge stretches endlessly to the west, Hantijae, and Gatbawi to the right.

Also, a light walking track and Mountain Blue where they sell food and drinks can be found at Sky Park. Experience the uniqueness of Mt. Palgong by eating while enjoying its beautiful scenery.

Mt. Palgong Cable Car : San 72, Yongsu-dong, Dong-gu, Daegu, Korea

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