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Save On Your Phone Bills In the WiFi-friendliest City of South Korea, Daegu

Save On Your Phone Bills In the WiFi-friendliest City of South Korea, Daegu
Save On Your Phone Bills In the WiFi-friendliest City of South Korea, Daegu

No worry when you need travel information in Daegu!
Because you can use public Wi-Fi anywhere in the city for free.

Daegu is one of the Wifi-friendliest cities in Korea! 
Daegu has set 164 public Wi-Fi zones including tourist spots, terminals, library, community service centre, community health centre, post office, welfare centre and traditional markets for visitors so far. 

It would be very convenient to travel with your smartphone or i-pod only in Daegu.
Especially Seomun Market which, the most visited traditional market, is the largest free Wi-Fi zone with 80 public Wi-Fi access points in the country. 

Now visitors can conveniently use free Wi-Fi access whenever they need in Daegu’s public Wi-Fi zones.

The major Wi-Fi zones set in Daegu 
Seomun market, Chilseong market, Oriental medicine traditional market, Paldal market, Anjirang market, Sangyeok market, Gyeongsang-gamnyeong market, Waryong market, Banyawol market, Seobu terminal, Suseongmot area (Suseong lake) and more. 

How to get public Wi-Fi?

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Reasons For Traveling to Daegu - Korea Festival Schedule 2016

Reasons For Traveling to Daegu - Korea Festival Schedule 2016
Daegu Festival in 2016

Are you planning the next travel destination for 2016?
Daegu will be your best travel vacation idea for all year round!

Daegu city is full of festivals and events throughout the year for four seasons. 
In 2016, Daegu will be preparing diverse festivals for you! 

Check out the 2016 Daegu festival schedule that lets you see at a glance exactly what's happening in Daegu of South Korea to plan your next trip.

2016 Daegu Festivals Schedule
Festival Name
Spring Festivals
Dalgubeol Merrymaking & Lantern Festival
Apr 21 – Apr 24
Dalgubeol Lantern Parade
Apr 30
Daegu Yangnyeongsi Herb Medicine Culture Festival
May 4 – May 8
Daegu Colorful Festival
May 7 – May 8
Dongseongro Festival
May 13 – May 15
Daegu Fashion Jewelry Week
Summer Festivals
Chimac Festival (Chicken & Beer Festival)
Jul 27 – Jul 31
Youth Hip-Hap Festival
Jul 30 – Jul 31
Daegu International Horror Festival
Jul 28 – Aug 7
Wind Ensemble Festival
Jul 29 – Jul 31
Daegu International Jazz Festival
Aug 2- Aug 6
Daegu Folk Festival
Aug 5 – Aug 7
Arts for Life Festival
Daegu International Body Painting Festival
Aug 27 – Aug 28
Arts & Performances Festivals
Daegu International Musical Festival
Jun – Jul
Daegu International Opera Festival
Oct – Nov
Daegu Photo Biennale 2016
Every other year
※ The schedule may be subject to change 

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An Appreciative Trip where You Can Learn and Listen in Korea - Daegu’s Representative Premium Travel Route 'Palgongsan Healing Course 4'

An Appreciative Trip where You Can Learn and Listen in Korea
An Appreciative Trip where You Can Learn and Listen

    A Color Therapy Trip where beautiful colors stimulate inspiration, Natural Dye Museum and The Queen’s Scent Kept for 1000 years, Buinsa Temple

△Natural Dye Museum                        Buinsa

In the Museum of Natural Dyeing, you can look at naturally dyed art pieces, access the collection of folk materials related to fiber including natural dyeing artifacts and tools, and experience natural dyeing, Korean paper making, and pattern designing.
Watch the colorfulness of natural dyeing that makes use of natural materials such as Safflower, Silver Magnolia, and Privet, dyes made with natural ingredients, and fabric from nature. Also try purchasing the necklaces and broaches in the museum.

Natural Dye Museum : 467, Jungdae-dong, Dong-gu, Daegu, Korea

Buinsa Temple is an old temple that was established by Queen Seondeok in the mid-century. A portrait of Queen Seondeok is hanged in Sungdeok-jeon. The place is also famous for having an administrative office from Goryeo King Hyeonjong to King Munjong and for keeping the very first collection of sacred writings of Buddhism. You can also find excellent cultural heritages from Silla dynasty such as twin pagoda and a stone lantern, Baeryeseok, and Seated Rock-carved Buddha.

Buinsa Temple : 356-1, Sinmu-dong, Dong-gu, Daegu, Korea

    Sound of Water that cleanses the heart, Sutaegol Valley and A training center for safe life, Daegu Safety Theme Park

   △Sutaegol                                 Daegu Safety Theme Park

Sutaegol, a spot with the best sound of water is hidden in Mt. Palgong. Underneath the shadow of the thick forest, the ringing sound of water never stops. It is less than 30 minutes away from the city and it is best to go here when you want to have a taste of nature. Sutaegol trekking course is a popular course to climbers regardless of gender and age since the way to the peak is not steep. Also, the sound of the valley’s waters gives the climbers a feeling of being friends with nature.

Sutaegol : Yongsu-dong, Dong-gu, Daegu, South Korea

Daegu Safety Theme Park is a place where you can train about the proper way to handle small and big incidents that can happen anytime in our daily lives such as fire, earthquake, and natural calamities. A terrible accident in the subway of Daegu in 2003 is the reason why it was established. All disastrous situations are practiced and you will also learn various safety rules.

Daegu Safety Theme Park : 89-13, Yongsu-dong, Dong-gu, Daegu, Korea

    A refreshing feeling at Sky Park, Mt. Palgong cable car (Sky Park)

△Palgong cable car                             △Sky Park

One of the most comfortable ways of enjoying Mt. Palgong is to use the Mt. Palgong Cable Car. 7 minutes in the cable car will get you right in front of birobong at 870m above without sweating at all. At the peak of Mt. Palgong cable car, you can see the highest peak of Mt. Palgong, Birobong, Dongbong, Seobong, Byeongpung Rock, and Yeombulbong. This fine ridge stretches endlessly to the west, Hantijae, and Gatbawi to the right.

Also, a light walking track and Mountain Blue where they sell food and drinks can be found at Sky Park. Experience the uniqueness of Mt. Palgong by eating while enjoying its beautiful scenery.

Mt. Palgong Cable Car : San 72, Yongsu-dong, Dong-gu, Daegu, Korea

Friday, January 22, 2016

Happiness of Slowness in Korea - Daegu’s Representative Premium Travel Route 'Palgongsan Healing Course' 3

Happiness Of Slowness in Daegu

    You who become purer and more beautiful the more I Strike, Daegu BangjjaYugi
Museum and A landscape you encounter through slowness, the way to Bukji-Jangsa
          △BangjjaYugi Museum                                The Way to Bukji-jangsa               

BangjjaYugi Museum is the only museum in the country where you can see the BangjjaYugi, a proud cultural heritage. BangjjaYugi is made by molding melted brass, heating it again, and then striking it with a hammer. It is utilized in various uses from daily supplies like dish, basin, and kettle to utensils for ancestral rites and musical instruments. See the BangjjaYugi for yourself, where the wisdom of our ancestors are laid upon.

BangjjaYugi Museum : 399, Dohak-dong, Dong-gu, Daegu, Korea

‘The Way to Bukji-jangsa’, Mt. Palgong Olle Route
 1 , is the first one that opened among the Olle Routes of Mt. Palgong. Anyone can easily walk on the roads regardless of gender and age since a round trip only takes 2 hours at a slow walking pace. From Yukpil Poem Park where heart-rending poems are engraved through BangjjaYugi Museum and to Dojang-dong village and Bukji-jangsa, the way to Bukji-jangsa is best for taking a quick rest while trekking the lonely mountain path.

Mt. Palgong Olle Route 1 (2.4km)
Dohak 2-dong three way intersection ↔ Bukji-jangsa (620, Dohak-dong, Dong-gu, Daegu, Korea)

    A World of Experiences from Harvesting to Traditional Food Making and Crafts, Gooam Farm Stay and a land of loyalty that bloomed the unification of the later three kingdoms, Historic Site of General Sin Sung Gyeom

Gooam Farm Stay                                  Sin Sung Gyeom

Gooam Farm Stay is a village where you can experience Korean traditional culture and farming. It also gives foreigners and people from the city, an opportunity to feel close to the farm village through an experience of rural life and farming.

You can enjoy more than 30 different kinds of farming activities including planting chili seedlings, harvesting sweet potatoes, catching grasshoppers, natural dyeing, and making wooden props.

Gooan Farm Stay Village : 555-1, Midae-dong, Dong-gu, Daegu, Korea

In Mt. Palgong, there are several names of places that are related to Taejo Wang Geon, who fought with Hubaekjae. 

The historic site of General Sin Sung Gyeom is one of them. I believe you have heard of the anecdote about General Sin Sung Gyeom who sacrificed his own life in order to save Taejo Wang Geon who was surrounded by the army of Hubaekjae in the Battle of Gongsan-Dongsu. 
Starting with the statue of General Sin Sung Gyeom(it can be found once you enter the red gate with spiked top), you will find many heritage spots including the Monument of Integrity, the Hoongyeol Monument, and General Sin Sung Gyeom’s Tree.

The entrance for historic site of General Sin Sung Gyeom is located between Sin Sung Gyeom-gil and Pagyero 16-gil. 

    Gatbawi Rock, where hope blooms


Gwanbong Seated Stone Buddha, national treasure number 431, stands at Gwanbong(Gatbawi) located at the eastern end of the ridge of Mt. Palgong. 
It was named Gatbawi Rock because its appearance looks like a gat (Korean traditional hat) on the head.
Legend has it that the Statue of Seated Medicine Buddha ‘grants any person of their one wish’ and because of this, everyone with a wish visits the place. During the months of college entrance exams, this place is full of parents who wish for their children to get accepted by their desired colleges.
Make a wish in Gatbawi where about 13 million people visit to pray and also to enjoy trekking every year.

Gatbawi Rock : San 63, Daehan-ri, Wachon-myeon, Gyeongsan-si, Gyeongsangbuk-do, Korea

Time Travel in Mt.Palgong, History of Korea - Daegu’s Representative Premium Travel Route 'Palgonsan Healing Course' 2

Daegu’s Representative Premium Travel Route 'Palgonsan Healing Course' - Time Travel in Mt.Palgong
Time Travel in Mt. Palgong

    A Lake Set Quietly in the City, Dansanji
△ Dansanji

Drops of water that ran down from Mt. Palgong accumulated and formed a small lake called Dansanji. Wind that brushes on the surface of the lake, a forestthat rings with chirping sounds, sunshine that shakes the leaves, and people who enjoy the lake, all together makes a wonderful landscape.
Bongmu Park surrounds Dansanji lake and includes a butterfly eco-park, a water-ski area, and a lifetime sports facility.Walk around Dansanji(included in the Mt. PalgongOlle Route Course 6 and feel the beauty of nature.

Dansani : 66, Palgong-ro 50-gil, Dong-gu, Daegu, Korea

    Enjoy the culture and the gourmet restaurants in Bullo Traditional Market
    Walk around 1,500 years of history, Bullo-dong Tomb Park
Bullo Traditional Market                                        △Bullo-dong Tomb Park

In Bullo Traditional Market, which upholds 80 years of its tradition, you can get great things like apples from Pyeonggwang-dong, Bullo Makgeoli, and clean agricultural products from the valley of Mt.Palgong at affordable prices. 
Also, there are a lot of gourmet restaurants (where people line-up for) that sell hot home-made tofu, pressed noodles (which is one of the 10 best things in Daegu), Cold Acorn Jelly Noodles that has a taste of heaven with kimchi torn with hands, and Braised Pollack with an addictive taste of sweetness and spiciness.

Bullo Traditional Market : 449-1, Bullo-dong, Dong-gu, Daegu, Korea

Bullo-dong Tomb Park is where you can find 214 tombs from ancient Korea that really shows the 1500 years of history that flourished on this land.
Walk around the tombs following the smooth curvy row of houses. You will have a calming experience. You can also taste the charm of Bullo-dong Tomb Park at twilight when the round roofs of the houses are painted gold by the sunlight.

Bullo-dong Tomb Park : 335, Bullo-dong, Dong-gu, Daegu, Korea

    Otgol Village, a Peaceful Landscape that has been kept for 400 Years 
    Boldly Green in the rocks, DodongThuja Forest

Otgol Village                                   Dodong Thuja Forest

A place that quietly brings peace as you walk slowly along the road with stone walls stretched on both sides and a place that washes out the hustle and bustle of the city with shoulder-leveled roofs of old houses and flowers by the stone walls, is Otgol Village.
Being in this place makes you feel like you are in the countryside but in fact it is only 10 minutes away from the city. 
Build your memories in Gyeongju Choi’s village, a place that keeps its tradition intact.

Otgol Village : 386, Dunsan-dong, Dong-gu, Daegu, Korea

Dodong Thuja Forest was registered as the first natural monument in 1962. Here, you will find a colony of rare indigenous thuja that was grown without cultivation. This place used to be a rest area for passers-by since it is on the way from Daegu to Yeongcheon and Gyeongju. The view of this place is really nice to the point that Seo Geo Jeong, a great scholar in Early Joseon Dynasty, made it 6th among the 10 most wonderful landscapes in Daegu.

DodongThuja Forest : San 180, Do-dong, Dong-gu, Daegu, Korea

    The Last Pride of Apples of Daegu, Pyeonggwang-dong Apple Village

Pyeonggwang-dong Apple

140 out of 200 families in Pyeonggwang-dong Apple Village harvest apples and carry on the apple tradition in Daegu.
The scent of the apple’s flowers fills the entire village during spring and in autumn, the sight of red apples makes an appetizing view. There are farms in Pyeonggwang-dong where you can experience apple picking during autumn.

Woo Hyo Jong, a devoted son who saved his sick father by cutting three of his fingers and transfusing blood lived in this village. Cheombaek-dang, a house built with used timbers, made to commemorate Woo Myeong Sik who stepped down from his government position at the end of Joseon dynasty and lived in retirement in order to be faithful to his principles can also be found in Pyeonggwang-dong.

Pyeonggwang-dong Appla Village : 971, Pyeonggwang-dong, Dong-gu, Daegu, Korea

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Travel to Daegu’s Famous Mountain Mt.Palgong Filled with the Scent of Nature - Daegu’s Representative Premium Travel Route 'Palgonsan Healing Course ' 1

Travel to Daegu’s famous mountain 'Mt.Palgong'

    Open Up Your Mind and Face Yourself, Donghwasa Temple
△ Donghwasa Temple

Palgongsan is called the sacred land of Buddhism in Korea.
Donghwasa in Palgongsan is a Buddhist temple with 20 smaller temples including Daeungjeon Hall and Geungnakjeon Hall (Hall of Paradise) and 11 treasures including the Flagpole Supports, the Three-story Stone Pagoda at Biroam, the rock cliff Buddha, the Stone Seated Vairocana Buddha, the Three-Story Pagoda at Geumdangam, and the leaning tower of Heungjinguk.

The Statue of Seated Medicine Buddha of Unity (30m in height and 16.5m in circumference), known as the biggest stone statue of Buddha, is also here. Take a moment to open up your mind and face oneself in a 1000-year-old temple called Donghwasa located in the dense woods of Mt. Palgong.

    Wisdom in Life Learned from a Moment of Rest, Temple Stay in Donghwasa and 
Beophwabogung (International Travel Buddhist Meditation Experience Center)
 Donghwasa Temple Stay                   △ Beophwabogung

If you want a trip that can heal your mind by leaving your ordinary life for a while, try temple stay at Donghwasa where you can recharge yourself. 
You will learn simple temple courtesies, and participate in alms bowl meal temple rituals. At night, there is a session of conversation where you can sit around with the monks then ask and answer questions with them. I suggest temple stay to all those who want to clear their minds. 

Beophwabogung, located under the Statue of Seated Medicine Buddha of Unity, is an experience center along with the Buddhist Meditation Cultural Center -A Millennium Commemoration of the Tripitaka Koreana. 
Beophwabogung has a meditation area greater than 2700㎡. The majestic and solemn ambience overwhelms and brings out a person’s spiritual mind. There are a lot of things in Beophwagogung that are significant in the Buddhist culture such as the Golden Sarira Pagoda, the Statue of the Feet of Buddha and the Sarira of Buddha.

    A Healing Prescription Flavored with Nature, Temple Food Experience Center

If you are curious about the monk’s way of maintaining a healthy mind and body, Temple Food Experience Center is a must-visit place for you. 
Temple Food Experience Center, which just opened up last May, hosts a program every Sunday at 11 AM where you can make traditional temple food yourself. Artificial spices and five spicy vegetables with strong scent are not used in making temple food which has a plain and clean taste. Instead, natural spices such as kelps, mushrooms, and perilla seeds are used in flavoring the temple food.
The experience lasts for 2 hours and you can make 3 types of temple food including Watermelon Kimchi and Black Sesame Fried Tofu. 

Address : 35, Dohak-dong Dong-gu Daegu

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Winter Attraction 'Ice Hill Festival' of Biseul Mountain Recreational Forest in Daegu – The Biggest Ice Hill in Korea

Winter Attraction 'Ice Hill Festival' of Biseul Mountain Recreational Forest – The Biggest Ice Hill in Korea
Ice Hill Festival of Biseul Mountain Recreational Forest

This time of every year, people visit the Ice Hill of Biseul Mountain Recreational Forest in Daegu to see the biggest ice hill in Korea. The ice hill of Biseul Mountain is one of the representative tourist spots in Daegu during winter season.

△ 2015 Ice Hill Festival 

We couldn’t see the magnificence of the Biseul Mountain’s ice hill due to the warmer-than-average temperatures. Recently, the temperature has dropped below zero rapidly in Daegu and over the country. It means you will be able to enjoy the real winter scenery in the ice hill of Biseul mountain which just looks like the scenes of animated movie ‘Frozen’.

△ 2015 Ice Hill Festival 

Ice figures are formed beautifully. A splendid ice pillar, gigantic glacial walls standing and icicles hung on the tress will make you feel as if you were in the movie ‘Frozen’.

△ 2015 Ice Hill Festival 

Aren’t they fabulous? :D

△ 2015 Ice Hill Festival 

Other attractions of ice hill of Biseul Mountain Recreational Forest such as ice fishing and ice sledge are open for you.

'Ice Hill Festival' of Biseul Mountain Recreational Forest

▷ Date : Until February 14, 2016
▷ Operation Hours : Sleigh Ride 10 AM to 17 PM (※ Ice hill opens till night)
▷ Venue : Entire Biseulsan Natural Recreation Forest
▷ Admission : Free
▷ Experience Programs : Korean traditional games, Photo zone, Ice fishing, Sleigh ride, Roasted chestnuts and sweet potatoes, Dalgona(Korean sweet candy)
▷ Cost for experience programs
Sleigh ride 4,000won, Ice fishing 5,000won, Roasted chestnuts and sweet potatoes 2,000won, Dalgona 2,000won
▷ Inquiries : Biseulsan Natural Recreation Forest administration office
TEL : +82-53-629-2226
▷ To get here
Daegu bus operated on Sat, Sun, holidays : 600 or 달성5(Dalseong5) – 40-50min interval (It takes about 1hr 45 mins from Daegok Subway Station.) Get off at Biseul mountain recreational forest parking lot bus stop.
☞ 1330 Korea Travel Hotline: +82-2-1330 (Korean, English, Japanese, Chinese)

Yong-ri, Yuga-myeon, Dalseong-gun, Daegu, South Korea

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Making Korean Traditional Snacks ‘Yugwa' and ‘Yeot’ - Traveling to Goryeong by Daegu City Tour Bus

Making Korean Traditional Snacks - Traveling to Goryeong by Daegu City Tour Bus
Making Korean Traditional Snacks ‘Yugwa' and ‘Yeot’

Daegu Travel would like to introduce some information for your enjoyable Daegu trips. 
There is an experience program which comes with Daegu City Tour Bus.
You can experience of making Korean Traditional Taffy ‘Yeot’ or Making Korean Traditional Crispy Rice ‘Yugwa' while you travel to Goryeong by Daegu City Tour Bus!!
Doesn’t it sound nice?

Goryeong is a country in North Gyeongsang Province which used to be a historical center of the ancient kingdom of Daegaya.
Take a trip to Goryeong which comes with a hands-on experience by Daegu City Tour Bus!

    Making Yugwa (유과 : Korea Traditional Crispy Rice)

○ Date : Sun, January 24 2016
○ Cost : 5,000won per person (Lunch excluded)
   ※ Prepare your own Lunch Please
○ Place for Experience Program : Goryeong Gaesil Village
○ Departure 
   - Exit 2 of Sinnam Subway Station at 9:30AM 
   - City Tour Bus Stop of Dongdaegu Station at 10:00AM 
○ Tour Course 
Ureuk Museum - Goryeong Gaesil Village – Lunch - Making Yugwa (Korea Traditional Crispy Rice)
 –Head House of Kim Jong Jik(a civil minister and scholar of Sung Confucianism) – Dongdaegu Station – Sinnam Subway Station 

    Making Yeot (엿 : Korean Traditional Taffy)

○ Date : Sun, January 31 2016
○ Cost : 6,000won per person (Lunch excluded)
※ Prepare your own Lunch Please
○ Place for Experience Program : Goryeong Gaesil Village
○ Departure 
   - Exit 2 of Sinnam Subway Station at 9:30AM  
   - City Tour Bus Stop of Dongdaegu Station at 10:00AM 
○ Tour Course 
Ureuk Museum - Goryeong Gaesil Village – Lunch - Making Yeot(Korean Traditional Taffy) –Head House of Kim Jong Jik(a civil minister and scholar of Sung Confucianism) – Dongdaegu Station – Sinnam Subway Station 


- Telephone : +82-53-627-8900
- Online :