Monday, December 21, 2015

Unique Experience Only In Daegu – Police History Experience Hall of South Korea

Unique Experience Only In Daegu

Daegu has a very unique and unusual museum!
It is the Daegu Police History Experience Hall.

Daegu Jungbu Police Station, the first and only police station that has the place where you can explore police cells, operates a Police History Experience Hall by utilizing an old detention center.
It offers exhibitions police stuff which is related to the work and history of Korean Police as well as various hands-on experiences since it opened in 2011.

Experience activities which involve experience of jail which just looks the same with the real one and forensic science experience are possible here. 

It is an interesting place for adults also it provides fun and easy education such as getting fingerprints and footprints on paper, using radios and watching the policy public relations films for children.

The experience hall is divided into two floors.

First floor has memorial hall, costume exhibit hall, jail experience hall, visitor’s room experience hall, police uniform experience hall and forensic science experience hall. 

And history hall, weaponry exhibit hall, media hall, crime guidance exhibit hall, memorial hall are in the second floor. The exhibition halls display police, weapons, equipment and other materials explaining the history of Daegu police.

Daegu Travel strongly recommends you the Daegu police history experience hall.
It will be one of the must-visit place of Daegu while you travel in Korea! 

Information of The Police History Experience Hall

● Opening Hours : 10:00 to 17:00 
   ※ Closed on Mondays

● Admission : Free
Large group visits must be reserved in advance.
TEL : +82-53-420-1004

● How to get to the police history experience hall?
It’s only 5 min walk from the exit 4 of Jungangro Station. 
If you departure from Dongdaegu station by taxi, it will take you about 17mins and cost 5,500won.

1-4 Seomunno 1ga (55 Gyeongsanggamnyeong-gil), Jung-gu, Daegu, South Korea 

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