Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Travel Around Daegu with A Train! - Travel to Gyeongbuk, Kimcheon, Pohang, Mriyang in Korea

Travel Around Daegu with A Train!

If you’re looking for romance, try the train tour this winter.
Enjoy a comfortable and plentiful travel around Daegu and the nearby cities all at once through the train tour. Here, Daegu Travel will introduce 3 tourist spots near Daegu!


△ Photo courtesy_Jikjisa Temple's Official Site

Kimcheon, where you can arrive within 50minutes from the Dongdaegu Station, is famous for the Jikjisa Temple. 
The Jikjisa Temple is a very old temple, built during the Silla Dynasty. After being restored around 60 years from Gwanghaegun’s 2nd year due to its destruction during the Japanese invasion of Korea in 1592, it has retained its present structure. It is a place with a lot of cultural assets such as the Stoned Buddha statues, and the three floored stone tower in front of the main temple. 
Another famous place in Jikisa is the Birojeon(Vairocana Buddha Hall), which you can see when you walk through the forest way and has around 1000 statues of the Buddha. All the statues of the Buddha have different physical appearances. However, the birth statues, which symbolize the birth of Buddha, are the most famous statues among the 1000 statues in Birojeon.


△ Photo courtesy_by Kim Jenghan_Pohang Citizen Hall's Gallery 

Pohang, where you can arrive 35 minutes coming from the Dongdaegu Station, is famous for the Homigot village. Every year, many people come to visit to see the first sun of the year during January 1st. Another must go in the Daegu suburb tourist spots is the Pohang Jukdo Market. In the Jukdo Market, fresh seafood are being delivered every day, and you can buy them in bulk at a cheap price. 

△ Photo courtesy_Miryang Official Site

Miryang is only 35 minutes away from the Mugunghwa-ho in Dongdaegu Station, and it is famous for the Movie ‘Miryang’s Shooting place of film. 
Eoreumgol Valley, Pyochungsa Temple, and Maneosa Temple are very famous spots in Miryang. Especially for Eoreumgol Valley, it is famous because due to the phenomenon of ice freezing during the summer and ice melting during the winter. Eoreumgol, with this strange meteorological phenomenon, has an average temperature of 0.2 degrees during the summer, and five degrees of valley water, which is often too cold to put your foot inside.

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