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Travel Alone in Daegu - 3 Recommended Destinations for Solo Travelers in Korea

3 Recommended Destinations for Solo Travelers in Korea 

Did your girlfriend tell you she's going to Banwoldang to go shopping with the girls today?
Or maybe your boyfriend said he's off to Seoul to watch the biggest Starcraft match of the year?
All your friends too busy studying for finals?

No worries! You can enjoy Daegu on your own just as much (or even more) as in a group, and you won't need a lot of money to do it either. Since the cold winter months are upon us, I thought I'd introduce some interesting indoor places to enjoy Daegu's rich cultural offerings at a comfortable temperature.

Daegu Art Museum

Daegu Art Museum is the number one place to visit in Daegu if you're into..you know..art. Located a bit out of the way, one shuttle bus ride away from Line 2's Daegu Park subway station, this beautifully designed building sits comfortably at the foot of Daedeok Mountain and hosts several completely different exhibitions every year in addition to its 300 piece permanent collection. Entrance will cost you a mere 5,000 won and for that you can spend hours looking around the museums spacious halls and rooms.

The Daegu Art Museum tends to lean towards modern art, not shying away from featuring creative and out-of-the-box exhibitions such as Yinka Sonibare's Wilderness into a Garden or Kusama Yayoi's A Dream I Dreamed, setting itself apart from more traditionally oriented art museums and in doing so making it that much more interesting to visit even for people with no real interest in traditional art.

[Art Museum Photos courtesy of Tsay Anatoly]

The museums current exhibition is the Animamix Biennale, another very imaginative and modern exhibition focusing on the role of popular culture in art.

Address : 40, Misulgwan-ro, Suseong-gu, Daegu, Korea

Daegu National Museum

If you happen to be a bit of a history nut, the Daegu National Museum is just the place for you.
Located a short bus ride away from Maecheon station on line 2, the Daegu National Museum was created to share the ancient culture and history of Daegu with its current inhabitants and, of course, curious visitors.

The exhibitions are split up according to time period, ranging from prehistoric times up to the formation of the Three Kingdoms of Korea and the early stages of the Silla Dynasty. Every time period features signs with background information in English and a host of relics and historically valuable pieces.

The museum hosts events and activities every now and then and if you happen to be traveling with kids, you'll be happy to hear there's also an experience center where they can keep busy for a while and, if they happen to be fluent in Korean, a children's library full of informative books.

Address70, Hwanggeum 1-dong, Suseong-gu, Daegu, Korea 

Daegu Modern History Museum

Or, if you prefer a bit more recent history to the dusty tomes of ancient Korea, why not pay a visit to the Daegu Modern History Museum? This museum, located just a short distance away from Jungangro subway station, has been established inside a building that was erected during the Japanese occupation of Korea for use as a bank but is now being used to share Daegu's history with anyone interested. The museum is free to enter, and on the first floor you can enjoy not only the unique architecture of this building but also learn everything about Daegu's tumultuous past and development from a small town into the city it is today.

If Daegu's local history isn't exactly your thing, don't scratch this museum off of your list just yet though as the second floor has some great recreations of war-time Korean life that are perfect for taking selfies while at the same time learning about the difficult life people in that period were forced to live. Because why shouldn't you be able to combine those two things?
There are recreations of a market, restaurant, post office and even an entire street so you can really imagine what Daegu must've looked like only 70 years ago. There's also a plenty of props and costumes to keep even the most serious of us entertained.

So as you can see, no matter how bad the weather is or how little money you have, there's always something to discover in Daegu that's worthy of your time.
Give it a try next time you're sitting in your hotel room or guesthouse by yourself wondering what to do with your day. I'm sure you won't regret it!

Address : 449, Jungang-daero, Jung-gu, Daegu, Korea

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