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Tour around Daegu with a Daegu’s Representative Premium Travel Route!

Daegu’s Representative Premium Travel Route
Daegu’s Representative Premium Travel Route

What is the happiest yet the most bothersome step in travelling?
It’s the process and time of making a travel plan.
The Daegu’s Representative Premium Travel Route has been newly developed for you to save precious time! The Premium Travel package is categorized into three different destinations: Palgong Mountain healing route, monorail connected to a tour route in the center of the city, and the multi-region tourism route. The package is designed to let you have a customized travel that is in-line with your purpose. Each of the fresh designed premium travel packages will be introduced individually, starting today.  

Travel in the center of the city in a sky train, ‘Monorail’.

Monorail, a train that runs in the air, is a transportation method possessed by only 14 countries around the world, including Tokyo and Dubai. The monorail in Daegu is a no-man monorail and is best known for its long distance coverage. You can see the entire city when riding on a sky train 11m above ground and the experience is liberating to the core of the heart. I will introduce a tourist attraction in Daegu that gets you straight ahead by the monorail, an essential transportation system in a Daegu trip.

‘Hajungdo Island’, a cosmos island filled with breeze from the river and ‘Daegu Arboretum’, a green magical world  

                            △ Hajungdo Island                                             △ Daegu Arboretum 

If you get down at Paldal station, the starting point of the Daegu trip via sky train, you can go to Hajungdo Island, also called as Cosmos Island. When autumn comes, the whole island of about 10㎡ entirely covers up in Cosmos. Walk a full round of the island following the track passing through the cosmos and take pictures. There are attractions placed along the tracks, like the pinwheel and the scarecrow.

Hajungdo Island : 1477-2, Nogok-dong, Buk-gu, Daegu, Korea

The next spot to visit is the Daegu arboretum. Here, a green forest of 240,000㎡ stretches out. This was once used as a landfill area for residential wastes but 13 years ago, through a large-scale construction, it was reborn into a forest of life with fresh air and never-ending laughter of joy. They even hold forest introduction programs every 10 to 15 o’ clock from Tuesdays to Saturdays for free. 

Daegu Arboretum : 284, Daegok-dong, Dalseo-gu, Daegu, Korea

Fly the Daegu air, ‘Apsan Mountain Observatory’ and ‘Suseong Lake’ waving with romance

                     △ Apsan Mountain Observatory                                △ Suseong Lake

When you climb the Apsan Mountain Park, a mountain that the citizens of Daegu love, there is an observatory where you can see the entire city of Daegu in one sight. You will feel like flying–gazing at the Nakdong River, 83 Tower far away, Palgong Mountain, and the city view. This place is not only known for the day view, but also for the beautiful sunset and night view. You can quickly and conveniently go up to the observatory with a cable car.

Apsan Mountain Observatory : 574-116, Apsansunhwan-ro, Nam-gu, Daegu, Korea

Suseong River, a most loved place ever since the opening of the urban rail line 3, cools down the hot summer in Daegu. During spring and autumn, it becomes a popular walking track for families and couples. During the May to October season, you can watch the ‘music fountain show with image’ that harmonizes fountain and laser. On the west of the river is the ‘Arte Suseong Land’ made for kids. 

Suseong Lake : 725, Sang-dong, Suseong-gu, Daegu, South Korea

‘Hill Crest’ A fairy-tale world in harmony with the nature and ‘forRest Spa Valley’ from swimming to forest lodge

                                 △ Hill Crest                                                   △ forRest Spa Valley 

Hill Crest, recently revitalized through its renovation, is an herb hill in the middle of dense woods where a landscape of fairy-tale land is hiding. It is also the filming site of the Korean drama “It’s Okay, That’s Love”. There are 80 different kinds of herbs that project a strong scent in the Hills Romantic Garden. You can also try for an exciting zip line adventure in Eco Adventure. If you want to have fun in the woods, set off right on to Hill Crest.

Hill Crest : 534-1, Yonggye 2-ri, Gachang-myeon, Dalseong-gun, Daegu, Korea

Spa Valley is a four-season general water park known for its clear water and for having the largest slide in Asia. In 2013, the water park expanded with an opening of a forest lodge ‘Forest 12’ and lodging in the nature ‘Villa de forRe’. Enjoy the spa, dry sauna, and swimming in Spa Valley, then heal yourself exploring all sorts of trees in Forest 12 including a 600 years old Bodhi tree.

forRest Spa Valley :  891, Gachang-ro, Gachang-myeon, Dalseong-gun, Daegu, Korea

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