Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Dating in Daegu - 3 Romantic Outdoor Dating Spots in Korea

Dating in Daegu - 3 Romantic Outdoor Dating Spots in Korea
3 Romantic Outdoor Dating Spots in Daegu

Sometimes, you don't just want to take your date to dinner and a movie. 
Sometimes, you kind of want to show them you're more original than that and can totally come up with something just as, or even more, fun on your own.
And sometimes, you need just a little bit of help from your pal the internet in order to impress the object of your affection.
Have no fear, you came to the right place. Here are three of the best spots in Daegu for an outdoor date, listed in order of awesomeness.

#3 - Dalseong Park

On a nice autumn day, there's nothing better than taking your significant other out for a romantic picnic and Daegu's Dalseong Park is just the place to visit. The park, located a short walking distance away from Line 3's aptly named Dalseong Park station, is a popular dating spot for young and old Koreans alike. Older couples visit for the peace and quiet that this little oasis provides, while younger lovers tend to take a stroll to look at the animals the small zoo inside the park has to offer and get away from busy city life for a while.

Dalseong Park features large swaths of grass perfect for having a picnic in the summer or viewing the changing colors of the leaves in the fall and numerous paths to peacefully walk hand in hand with your sweetheart while taking in the sights. 
Moreover, capitalizing on the romantic reputation of the park, there are horse-drawn carriages you can ride for a small fee if you really want to impress your date.

Aside from the park's natural beauty, it also sports a small (and completely free) zoo featuring elephants, tigers, bears, lions and other exotic animals. So if you happen to run out of things to talk about on your first date, you can always distract your company by showing them your best lion impression.

Address : 294-1, Dalseong-dong, Jung-gu, Daegu, Korea

#2 - Kim Kwang Seok Alley

Tucked away in between Line 2's Kyungpook University Hospital and Line 3's Daebonggyo stations, this immensely cozy alley is a must visit on any date worth its salt. The alley, which serves as a living, breathing memorial for Daegu-born singer Kwang-Seok Kim, exudes a certain air of romantic closeness that you'd be hard pressed to find anywhere else; especially in the evenings. Being only two and a half meters wide and covered wall to wall with artistic renditions of Kim Kwang Seok and his life, the street is also filled with his songs playing softly from speakers set up along the way or, if you're lucky, the sounds of an actual live performance resonating from the small and intimate stage built into the alley. 

Accompanying this romantic atmosphere are dozens of cute cafés, restaurants and stores lining the alley on one side, giving you plenty of chances to sit down with a warm cup of cocoa on a cold night, buying something cute for your date or grab a bite to eat while slowly strolling down the alley. 

At night, the soft lighting gives the alley an amazingly intimate feel, and it's no wonder you hardly need to try to spot dozens of young couples holding hands and taking pictures with the romantic murals painted on the walls surrounding the street. 

Moreover, to add a touch of class to an already classy evening, there is one incredibly comfy bar called 드보크 (Dvoke) located in one of the alley's side streets where you can end your date in style. Amidst the rustic interior stands a small stage that is used for jazz and acoustic performances on the weekends, making it a perfect place to have a drink and drown in the romantic atmosphere after a day of walking around outside. 

Address : 1-1, Daebong 1-dong, Jung-gu, Daegu, Korea

#1 - E-World

When talking about romantic places in Daegu, one simply cannot leave out our very own E-World. This theme park is, in fact, so romantic that it has 'evening only' tickets just for couples who aren't interested in the rides as much as in the romantic atmosphere that takes over the park as soon as the sun goes down. 

Naturally, E-World's rides are nothing to scoff at, but it isn't exactly the most romantic thing in the world to take your date on a rollercoaster ride or force her into a ship-like construct that spins you around like a yoyo. No, E-World's real dating potential lies in its beautiful location nestled into the greenery of Duryu park and overlooked by Daegu's 83 Tower and its brilliant night time decorations that were clearly conceived of with only one goal in mind: making you feel butterflies in your stomach.

The entire park is covered in lovely and creative lighting that gives it a completely different feeling than it has during the day. It feels less like an amusement park and more like..oh, I don’t know..the ultimate dating location? With its 400,000 square meters you can spend as long as you want strolling around the beautifully designed gardens and streets, and when you get tired of doing that (as if you would) you can try out any of the 31 rides the park offers.

However, no matter how beautiful E-World itself is, the cherry on the cake has got to be 83 Tower, which you can access easily from the park itself. A romantic cable car ride that shows you all of the park's luminous glory will take you up to the base of 83 Tower, from where you can bask in the beauty of the impressive Daegu skyline, made even more beautiful by all the dancing little lights on the roads below. If you're feeling especially adventurous you might even go all the way up the tower to get an even more amazing view from the observation deck, or have a bite to eat at the classy Ashley's restaurant located inside the tower.

Address : San 302-11, Duryu-dong, Dalseo-gu, Daegu, Korea

If you can't get your date to like you even after visiting these amazing places, perhaps you're just not with the right person man. But either way, you will have spent a great day in Daegu which is a reward in and of itself, right?