Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Bukseongro Tools Museum in Daegu Industrial Tools Street - Time Travels into Modern History of Korea

Bukseongro Tools Museum in Daegu Industrial Tools Street Bukseongro Tools Museum in Daegu Industrial Tools Street

Daegu had a fortress around downtown, which was called Daegu Eupseong, and Bukseongro was the north area of it. Now there is Bukseongro Tools Street with lots of tool shops.

In the Bukseongro Tools Street, modern histories of Korea and breathing new life are found. There are remodeled buildings that originally built in the Japanese colonial era.
Lately, this area has changed to host projects to attract tourists. Visit a tourists’ café, an arts shop which sells local artists’ works, and the Tools Museum.

In 1947, when there were not tools manufactured locally, people who had collected used tools from a U.S. military base started a business on the street. This was the beginning of Daegu’s Tools Street which made an increasing number of related businesses and eventually created a shopping district for tools, forming the Tool Street you see now days.

Currently, the street is a great source of various kinds of industrial tools. Furthermore, the Bukseongro Tools Museum, which embodies the modern history and the joy and sorrows of the street, is also found here.

Bukseongro Tools Museum
▷ Open: Tue to Sat 12pm~17pm during Winter season
▷ Entry : FREE
▷ How to go?
     10min walk from the exit 4 of Jungangro station, subway line 1

24, Taepyeong-ro 28-gil, Jung-gu, Daegu, Korea

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