Friday, October 16, 2015

Must-visit tourist place in Korea, Daegu Seomun Market that can’t be omitted from your must-visit site list

Must-visit tourist place in Korea - Daegu Seomun Market

Fall is one of the great season to travel in Korea. 2015 Korea Fall Tourism Week comes with various events and benefits! It starts from Oct 19 and will be until Nov 1.
Why don’t you enjoy this romantic season during Korea fall tourism week together?
Daegu Travel introduces the one of must visit tourist places of Daegu, Korea and benefit that you can take!

[Seomun Market  서문시장]

Daegu Seomun market is the biggest traditional market located nearby Seomun market station, subway line 3(monorail).
If you would like to try Korean street food and shop, Seomun market can’t be omitted from your must-visit site list. Also there will be an online giveaway event during 2015 Korea fall tourism week!

[Giveaway Event ‘Happiness of 10,000 won’]

Upload your photo that is taken at Seomun market with hashtag #서문시장 in your social media account such as Facebook, Instagram, Kakaotalk, etc. Visit Seomun market tourism information centre and show it to get an Eco Bag. (1,000 giveaways on a first come first served basis)
▷ Event period : Oct 19 to Nov 1. 2015

Seomun Market : 115-378, Daesin-dong, Jung-gu, Daegu, Korea 
Seomun market station, Subway line 3 (Monorail)