Sunday, October 11, 2015

Autumn Scenery in Korea - Place to walk and find a beautiful sunset, Daegu Dalseong Wetland

The place to walk and find a beautiful sunset,Daegu Dalsung Wetland
Daegu Dalseong Wetland,
Place to walk and find a beautiful sunset

The weather is pretty chill in the morning and in the evening. One can feel the nearing autumn in Daegu.

In Korea, Autumn is known as the season of “high sky and fat horses”.
It means, “The sky is high and the horse is fat during Autumn”. This refers to the goodness of Autumn when grains and fruits are ripe.

Here we introduce you pleasant a walking trail in Daegu where you can appreciate the Korean Autumn scenery.
Where else would you be able to find a better place than Dalseong Wetland – where reed and flame grass fields decorate magnificent scenery and a Metasequoia-lined road extend long?

The first walking trail of Dalseong Wetland is the Metasequoia-lined Road.
The tall trees shoot toward the sky and extend along the sides. It is a nice place for romantic dates.
Here you can find numerous couples walking along the road hand-in-hand.

The late autumn of the Metasequoia-lined Road.
The cool feeling of green leaves is good. But the colored scenery is graceful as well.
It is still green but the autumn leaves will turn color, like the picture, after several days.

Here is the one of best places to walk in Dalseong Wetland.
As you walk along the Metasequoia-lined Road and turn around, the scenery of swaying reeds presents itself as the wind blows.

Another good thing about the Autumn Dalseong Wetland is that you can see the cosmos at the end of the Metasequoia-lined Road.

Along the cosmos roads, you will spot the ‘Gangjeongbo (The Art Cultural Center)’ from afar.

Spend your time in Dalseong Wetland before sunset and enjoy the night view of the ‘Gangjeongbo (The Art Cultural Center)’ after sunset.

You can spend the day leisurely feeling its brightness, watching the sunset, and then ending with a night view in the Autumn Dalseong wetland for a better walk.