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Place where the first piano arrived in Korea - Piano Ghost Box at Samunjin Naru in Daegu

Place where the first piano arrived in Korea - Piano Ghost Box at Samunjin Naru
Piano Ghost Box at Samunjin Naru in Dalsung-gun

Do you know where the first piano arrived in Korea? 

The first piano arrived at the Samunjin Naru(dock) in Dalsung-gun, Daegu in May 26th 1900. 
Long ago, those who first saw a piano thought the box made a sound, and thus, called it the ghost box. It is not a particularly horrifying story, but it is an opportunity to learn more about the piano known as the ghost box first when it first arrived in Daegu. 

To trace the old time of Joseon dynasty, go to Smunjin which has its long history of 60 years. Samunjin Naru which was Youngnam region's distribution hub in the Joseon dynasty used as a major boat route for going up to Daegu from Busan through Nakdong River.

It has Korean traditional style ambiance where you can experience past and present.
The sights during the excursion on the ferry or ship that operate in the Samunjin Naru is highly recommended. 

[Samunjin Ferry]
• Course : Samunjin Naru → Dalseung wetlands → Samunjin Naru 
• Time : 20 min (2km)
• Weekdays : 12:00~18:00
• Fare : 5,000 / Child 3,000 KRW

[Samunjin Cruise Ship]
• Course : Samunjin Naru → Dalseung wetlands → Gajeongbo → Okpo Sindang-ri → Samunji Naru 
• Time : I Hour (18km)
• Weekdays : 13:00, 15:00, 17:00 / Weekends : 12:00~18:00 at 1 hour interval
• Fare : Adult 10,000 / Child 6,000 KRW 

[Fast-sailing Ship]
• Course: Samunjin Naru → passing by the Dalseung wetlands, Gajeongbo, Okpo Sindang-ri Samunji Naru 
• Time : 30 mins 
• Weekdays : 12:00~19:10 at 1 hour interval / Weekends : 12:10, 13:10~19:40 at 30 min interval
• Fare : Adult 10,000 / Child 6,000 KRW 

Getting to Samunjin Naru : Bus Dalseo 3 (달서 3) goes to Samunjin Naru.

40-12 Samunjin-ro 1-gil, Dalseong-gun, Daegu, South Korea

Cafe Paradise, Daegu's Greatest Cafes - A Coffee Roasting Factory and a Japanese Style Cafe in Korea

Daegu's Greatest Cafes, A Coffee Roasting Factory and a Japanese Style Cafe in Korea
A Coffee Roasting Factory and a Japanese Style Cafe in Korea

To all those who are stressed with busy schedules!
Why don’t you enjoy and have a cup of coffee in Daegu?
You can see a lot of people relishing their time during evening or weekends sitting around in the café. That is probably why Daegu is full of people who love coffee, and is basically a café paradise full of cafés here and there. I will introduce some of the greatest cafés in Daegu that has coffee with really good scents. 

Roasting Factory of Coffee Myungga ‘La Finca’ 

A roasting factory of Coffee Myungga café that any coffee geek would love! 
A lot of local coffee shops have been emerging recently. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that the coffee fever started right here in Daegu. This was thanks to Coffee Myungga that earned its popularity when it was introduced to KBS entertainment program '2 Days and 1 Night' along with ‘Strawberry Cake’

This is the 1st generation café that was first in Korea to invent the roasting machine and a roastery café that put so much effort in making brewed coffee and drip coffee known in Korea.
Currently, there are already several branches in Korea. Today I will introduce ‘La Finca’, the roasting factory of Coffee Myungga.

La Finca has 4 different buildings with a small garden. Each building is used as a café, plant factory, roasting factory, and education and experience center.

When you take a look around the café, you would feel like you’re in a coffee museum for the drawers that keep the coffee beans, machines that make coffee, and other display items related to coffee. What’s really peculiar is that there are several coffee trees that are rare in Korea.

953-1, Gukchaebosang-ro, Suseong-gu, Daegu, Korea

Café ‘Samdeok shop’

Leisure of a cup of coffee in a traditional Japanese-styled building!
Café ‘Samdeok shop’ is a café modified from a traditional Japanese house, and located in Bukseongro tool shop street where some old Japanese styled houses still remain. The interior of the café makes a warm ambience with the wooden floor, table, and chair. 

Another special characteristic of this café is that it has a tatami room with traditional Japanese flooring. Stationery, that keeps the vibe of the tool street, is sold in the first floor. If you want to enjoy a cup of coffee in an Asian atmosphere, go to Cafe 'Samdeok shop'!

70, Bukseong-ro, Jung-gu, Daegu, Korea

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Things to Do for Halloween in Daegu - Halloween Events in Korea

Things to Do for Halloween in Daegu - Halloween Events in Korea
Halloween Events in Daegu, Korea

Halloween is coming this October 31, and those who are excited for Halloween day better pay attention! Daegu Travel introduces enjoyable events for Halloween in Daegu!!

[E-World Halloween party - Luminescent mask party]

 △ Photo_E-World official blog

E-World will throw a two day long luminescent mask party from Oct.31 to Nov 1.
From 11:00am to 21:00pm, there will be a luminescent mask making activity.
You can enjoy the DJ mask party wearing the luminescent mask you made. The DJ mask party will begin at 20:00pm, and will only admit people who are 15 years old and up.

△ Photo_E-World official blog

Try the ghost house in E-world as well if you dare for a more thrilling experience!
The screams within the ghost house are guaranteed to send chills down your spine! 

• Period for Luminescent mask party : Oct 31 to Nov 1, 2015 
• Special offer : 1-Day Pass 22,900 / Half day pass (night) 12,900 KRW 

San 302-11, Duryu-dong, Dalseo-gu, Daegu, Korea

[SpaValley Halloween festival - Invitation from the pumpkin witch]

△ Photo_SpaValley official homepage
△ Photo_SpaValley official homepage

Spa Valley Halloween festival will be held from Oct 30 to Nov 8.
It is an event that everyone including children can enjoy!
How about a special horror experience on a boat-ride in the pool of the horror village?
In the forest of the witch, you can celebrate Halloween in the various photo zones decorated with pumpkins, phantoms, and scarecrows. Plus, hill of the wind diverse performances are available every weekend.

• Period : Oct 3 to Nov 8, 2015
• Entry : Adult 8,000 / Children 5,000 / Halloween package 18,000 KRW

27-9, Naengcheon-ri, Gachang-myeon, Dalseong-gun, Daegu, Korea

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

2015 MT. Palgong Autumn Foliage Festival – Walking under fall leaves in Korea

2015 MT. Palgong Autumn Foliage Festival – Walking under fall leaves in Korea
2015 MT. Palgong Autumn Foliage Festival

Autumn is definitely upon us. The foliage reached its peak and it’s the best time to go out to see the autumn leaves change colors.
Come to Mt. Palgong to enjoy the breath-taking views of autumn.
One of the most representative autumn events of Daegu will be held from Oct 29 to Nov 2, 2015.
Mt. Palgong Autumn Foliage Festival (Palgongsan Danpung Festival), which celebrates the 16th anniversary this year, has prepared with various programs and entertainments such as sports climbing, walkathon, music performances.

Especially, the walking event takes place on Nov 1st from 9:00am till 12:30pm. The walking the 7.1km-long foliage trail in Mt. Palgong is recommended for your autumn experience in Korea!
Enjoy the festival surrounded by breath-taking scenery before the leaves fall down.

[ 2015 MT. Palgong Autumn Foliage Festival ]

▷ Date : October 29 (Thu) to November 2 (Mon) 2015
▷ Venue : Donghwasa temple District 

▷ Major events that you may want to join!
1. Sports climbing at the entrance of Donghwasa temple 10:00am to 16:00pm.
2. Walking under foliage with a Culture & Tourism Guide on Nov 1st.
   • Total distance : 7.1km (2hrs and 30 mins)
   • Course : Daegu Olle 8 ‘Sutaeji Valley’
     Fountain → Sutaeji → Flat rock→ Tree struck by lightning → Buinsa temple → Fountain

 ☆ Walking event starts at the entrance of Donghwasa temple from 9:30am. You need to sign in by 9:00am to join the event on the day.

▷ Getting to Donghwasa Temple of Mt. Palgong
It takes about 1 hr from Ayanggyo subway station to Donghwasa temple by bus (급행1_Geuphang 1 or 팔공1_Palgong 1).

▷ Inquiry 
    1330 Travel Hotline : +82-2-1330 (Korean, English, Japanese, Chinese)

35, Dohak-dong, Dong-gu, Daegu, Korea

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

2015 Korea Chrysanthemum Festival - Daegu Arboretum filled with chrysanthemum scents!

2015 Daegu Arboretum Chrysanthemum Festival, Chrysanthemum Display
2015 Daegu Arboretum Chrysanthemum Festival
Chrysanthemum Display

You will be intoxicated with chrysanthemum scents!
Come to see the floral display during Chrysanthemum Festival, featuring more than 10,000 chrysanthemum art pieces nurtured and trained by horticulture experts.
Daegu Arboretum has held a chrysanthemum exhibition every year, this time it is taking place from Oct 27 to Nov 8. 
Since you have a lot of time to see them for 13 days, it is perfect way to spend your autumn in Korea with your family, friends, and lover to enjoy chrysanthemums in the fall. :D

△ 2014 Chrysanthemum Festival 

2015 Daegu Arboretum Chrysanthemum Festival

▶ When? October 27 (Tue) to November 8 (Sun) 2015 for 13 days
▶ Opening hour? 9:00 to 18:00 / Closed on Mondays 
▶ Where? Daegu Arboretum
▶ Admission? FREE
▶ How to get there?
Take a bus ‘달서5 Dalseo5’ or ‘급행8 Geuphang8’ bound for Daegu arboretum.
Get off at Samsung Raemian APT. 13~15 min walk to the entrance of Daegu arboretum. 

284, Daegok-dong, Dalseo-gu, Daegu, Korea

Monday, October 26, 2015

One of the must-see attractions in Korea - The Stone Buddha that grants your wishes, Gatbawi of Palgongsan (Mt. Palgong)

Must-see attractions in Korea, Gatbawi in Palgongsan
Must-see attractions, Gatbawi in Palgongsan

When asked about places to enjoy the fall scenery, you can’t exclude the Daegu’s famous mountain, Palgongsan (Mt. Palgong)!
Although its landscape is beautiful all-year round, Palgongsan (Mt. Palgong) is at its most famous during the autumn season for its wonderful scenery.

It is a mountain of great heights, with an altitude of 1,194m, and is not only found in Daegu but in four other cities as well, including Gunwi, Chilgok, Yeongcheon and Gyeongsan. It has lots of cultural properties and stories in it.

With its many cultural properties and stories behind it, it is particularly famous for the Gatbawi, the stone Buddha at the top of the peak, which is also called ‘Gwanbong’, located at an altitude of 850m.

It is believed that if you pray in front of Gatbawi, you will have the wish you prayed for granted. Every October and November, you will see lots of parents whose children are about to take the college entrance examination praying in front of Gatbawi.

The official name of Gatbawi is ‘Gwanbong Yeorae-jwasang’, and it is designated as Treasure No. 431.
The stone Buddha itself is estimated to have been made during the end of Shilla dynasty, and its ‘gat’, the Korean traditional hat, was made during Goryeo dynasty.
The name of the statue comes from the physical features of the flat stone on top of its head, as if the big Buddha of 4m tall is wearing the ‘gat’.

How to get to the Gatbawi of Mt. Palgong?

1. Take the bus 401 at the bus stop 35m away from the exit 2 of Ayang-gyo station(Line 1).
2. Get off at the bus stop 'Gatbawi'.
3. Walk approximately 257m to the entrance of the trail leading to the Gatbawi.

Giveaway Event on Daegu Travel's official Facebook

"There is a miraculous Buddha, Gatbawi(stone hat Buddha, Treasure No.431), in Daegu's famous mountain. Gatbawi is said to grant one wish to those who pray here and so it is visited by many believers starting from the early morning."

Quiz  What's the name of the mountain where Gatbawi is located?

Answer the quiz by simply leaving a comment on the official facebook page for the chance to WIN a prize!

▷ Period : Oct 26th to 30th. 2015
▷ Prizes : Jigsaw Puzzle of Daegu Attractions & Mug with Hangul printed on for 10 winners
▷ Winner Announcement : Nov 4 (Wed). 2015
▷ Official Facebook page of Daegu Travel :

△ Jigsaw Puzzle of Daegu Attractions
△ Mug with Hangul printed on

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5 Must-visit Bakeries of Daegu, Korea you have to eat at before you die!

5 Must-visit Bakeries of Daegu, Korea you have to eat at before you die!
5 Must-Visit Bakeries of Daegu you have to eat at before you die!

More and more people are visiting Daegu from distant places just to visit the 5 famous bakeries!
Daegu Travel introduces the five famous must-visit bakeries where you can find delicate and tasty looking breads!

1. Sweet Red Bean Bun of Geundae Golmok Danpatppang 

In Yakjeon Street, Yangnyeongsi, Dongseungro, Daegu, you can find the sweet redbean buns of Geundae Golmok Danpatppang! Danpatppang means sweet redbean bun in Korean.
There are countless number of people missing the taste of the sweet redbean buns that they used to eat with milk during the 1960s and 1970s. Thus, bakeries reconstructing such flavor are opened a lot. Among them, Geundae Golmok Danpatppang is in the top five!

Its flavor is enjoyable with ingredients of natural butter, bay salt, and naturally fermented starter. Moreover, the red beans and walnuts stuffed in the buns are boiled and roasted in the store.
The store’s breads are mostly buns with red bean paste, including Redbean bun with cream, Redbean bun with green tea cream, Vegetables bun, and Soboro bun with red bean. The price range is 2,000won to 3,000won per bun.

▷ Must-eat? Redbean Bun with Iced green tea cream
You can enjoy the sweet taste of red beans and, at the same time, the smooth and cool flavor of green tea if refrigerated before eating.
▷ Where?
- 53-4, Dongseongno 3-ga, Jung-gu, Daegu, Kore
- Daegu station

2. Banwoldang Croquette

They’re known for specializing in croquettes.
They offer various croquettes, including Curry croquette, Egg croquette, Cheese potato croquette, and Sweet pumpkin croquette. 

The croquettes can easily be sold out early since the bakery sells only a fixed amount per day in order to maintain their freshness.

▷ Must-eat? Up to your taste buds!
 Where? 88, Deoksan-dong, Jung-gu, Daegu, Korea

3. Bbang-jangsu Danpatppang 

This bakery is where you can taste fresh bread everyday as their breads undergo 72 hours of low-temperature ripening to deepen the flavor.
There are nine breads, including Redbean bun, Cream redbean bun, and Sweet potato filled bun. The Green tea cream cheese bun and the Corn cream bun were added to their menu lately!
They have many stores in Daegu. As such, they are easily accessible since there are already three stores near Dongseongro - the center of Daegu.

▷ Must-eat? Cream redbean bun 
With a circular shape, and fully filled up with lots of cream and red bean paste.
▷ Where?
94-1, Namseongno, Jung-gu, Daegu, Korea
249-12, Dongin-dong 4-ga, Jung-gu, Daegu, Korea
166-1, Dongseongno 2-ga, Jung-gu, Daegu, Korea

4. Gachang Jjinppang Street 

At the Gachang jjinppang(steamed bun) street, you’ll find an array of steamed bun stores lining up all the way to Gachang Spa Valley near Daegu. This street had been featured in TV shows, newspapers, and magazines several times making it famous nationwide.

The Jjinppang(steamed buns) and Mandu(dumplings) are made by hand. Jjinppang has the smooth and sweet red bean paste in the circular and white bun. As its name implies, it is not baked but steamed so its texture is very smooth and chewy.

The main menu items are Jjinppang, Wangmandu(big dumpling), Jjinmandu(steamed dumpling), and Kimchi mandu(Kimchi dumpling). The Jjinppang and Wangmandu is usually 3,000 per five pieces, and good for one person. It varies per store.

▷ Must-eat? Jjinppang(steamed bun)
▷ Where? Yonggye-ri, Gachang-myeon, Dalseong-gun, Daegu, Korea

5. Samsong Bakery

This particular bakery has a very long history since its foundation in 1957. It is so famous that everyone knows about their "Mayakppang(addictive corn breads)".

The main menu items here are Mayakppang and Cream cheese chewy bun, Vegetables croquette, and Korean native cattle croquette. They are not fried with oil but baked with a weak fire.

▷ Must-eat? Mayakppang(addictive corn bread) and Cream cheese chewy bun
▷ Where?
- 7-6, Dongseongno 3-ga, Jung-gu, Daegu, Korea

- Dongdaegu train station