Monday, September 7, 2015

Korean traditional market :: Free Trip to Daegu Seomun Market – Apply for the Global Party right now!

Free Trip to Daegu Seomun Market - Join the Global Party
Free Trip to Daegu Seomun Market :: Join the Global Party

Do you want to experience the Real Korea??

Get the chance to go on a free trip to Seomun Market, the biggest Korean traditional market of Daegu.

Daegu Seomun Market?

The Seomun Market of Daegu is famous for 500 years of history also it was one of the three main markets during the Joseon Dynasty.
The specialties of the current Seomun Market include fabric-related items like silk, satin, linen, cotton, knitted goods, and men’s and women’s wear. However, visitors to the market will also find a decent selection of crafts, silver products and dried seafood.

Korean Traditional Games Global Party?

Seomun Market is inviting foreign people to Seomun market for their experience of this historic site.  
Welcome with Korean traditional performances, various traditional games and a lot of fun! 

Register now and get gifts on the site!

Any Foreigners staying in Korea are invited!
You don’t speak any Korean? It doesn’t matter! You will have so much fun!
Foreign staff from all around the world will join.
The program will be running in English and Korean, and you can also get information in other languages.

If you want to join it, please apply to the Global party.
There will be two groups, the group departing from Seoul and the other one joining in Daegu.

▷ Program information 
Strange and Unusual traditional games of the 5 traditional colours. Red, Blue, Yellow, White, Black!!
- Performance : Korean traditional Performance by street artists.
- Game session :  5 colours mission games by Expats staff members.
- Challenge Jegi king!, Playing Yut to Trip Market, Finding treasure.. etc

▷ The benefits of the free tour(party) 
- Round group bus trip from Seoul to Daegu
- Lunch and dinner
- Daegu Bus Tour
- Korean Traditional Games party.
- A Voucher for the traditional market.

▷ Schedule on Sep 19
- Group departing from Seoul
7am : Gathering at Jongro, Seoul and depart.
11am~14pm : Deagu Seomun market party and lunch
14pm~17pm: Daegu city Bus Trip
Arrive in Seoul Jongro at 21pm

- Group from Daegu
Starts the tour(party) at 10:30 finishes at 14:30

▷ Registration & Inquiry
Please register by September 14th 2015 on the site ( in advance. (a first-come first-served )

You can also come without a registration on the party day.
For your more information, many gifts are waiting for online applicants.

▷ Phone interview : Sep 15th. 2015

▷ Inquiry: 02)723-9618,