Sunday, September 20, 2015

Korean dishes that have been recommended as the BEST accompaniments for alcohol beverage

Whether it’s with friends, family or colleagues, Koreans love drinking with people.
If there’s one thing that cannot be excluded from drinking, it’s eating!
The food that people look for depend on the type of drink they are having, whether it’s soju, makgeolli or beer.
Here Daegu Travel introduce you some Korean foods that are popular as accompaniments for drinks.

[pork belly]

This dish gets its name because of its three layers of fat and flesh (sam = 3 gyeop = layer). 
It is the one of the most savory parts of the pig, and there are a lot of recipes for it.
Particularly, the taste of Samgyeopsal roasted on the grill accompanied with soju is one of the most delicious combinations for this dish. People who taste this dish as their first try with Korean end up falling in love with it for sure.

GopchangGui / MakchangGui 
[Grilled tripe and grilled entrails]

Daegu is famous for its GopchangGui. GopchangGui is one of the most sought after eateries among the Daegu citizens.
Don’t be put-off by the fact that these are cows’ and pigs’ internal organs! Once you try a savory charcoal-grilled Gopchang and Makchang, you will forget what these parts are even made of.
You can try them in the ‘Anjirang Gopchang Alley’, the food street of Daegu.

Bukseong-ro Bulgogi & Udong

In Bukseong-ro, near the Daegu station, there are a lot of food tents selling Bulgogi and Udong every night. Bulgogi, one of the most well known Korean dish amongst foreigners, is grilled with a stone grill and briquette. It is typically served with Udong.
Bulgogi and Udon go well with all kinds of liquor, including beer, soju and makgeolli.

Nonmaegi Maeuntang 
[spicy catfish stew]

Nonmaegi Maeuntang, which is light and spicy at the same time, is best partnered with soju.
It is a fish stew brewed with alive catfish, kelp, radish and lots of garlic, and pepper powder. There is a Korean expression, ‘it’s cool’, when we eat spicy food. It is not because the food itself is really cool or cold, but it is a way to express how tasty the soup is.

Chicken / Chimac

Chimac, is actually the compound word of ‘Chicken’ and ‘Maekju [beer]’.
The Chimac of Korea is currently a worldwide food trend due to the Korean Wave. The combination of beer and chicken, seasoned or fried in a Korean style, has been deemed as one of the best combinations ever.

[Korean pancake]

During rainy days, a popular food and drink combination is Jeon accompanied with Makgeolli, the traditional Korean liquor.
It varies in kinds, including Haemulpajeon [seafood and green onion pancake], Buchujeon [leek pancake], Baechujeon [cabbage pancake] and Kimchijeon [Kimchi pancake].
Its name and kind depend on the material. For example, you call it Buchujeon when the leeks are on a watery flour mixture, and a Haemulpajeon is when the seafood and green onion are on it.
The smell of a savory Jeon is very hard to resist during rainy days.