Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Korea Travel Tip : Tips for your travelling in Daegu that you didn’t know!

Tips for your travelling in Daegu that you didn’t know!

Here, Daegu travel will give you some useful tips you probably didn’t know.
The tips that nobody told you will help you to enjoy travelling in Daegu of South Korea!

Travel by Daegu City Tour Double-decker Bus!

Open Top, Hop-on, Hop-off City Tour Bus for tourists.
The best way to travel in Daegu is using a city tour double-decker bus which is a Hop-on, Hop-off bus. It allows you to get off at the station to look around and get on to the next bus, but this is not all about Tip of Daegu travelling.
For bearers of a Daegu Tour Stamp Trail booklet, they can have 1-day ride of Daegu city tour double-decker bus for free. The stamp trail booklet is only 1,000 KRW.

※ Unfortunately, the booklet is only in Korea language.

More info of Stamp Trail → Click here

Get a Pre-Paid SIM Card!

Use a pre-paid SIM card for your mobile phones while you travel in Korea.
It will help you to make phone calls or using data cheaper in abroad.
You can purchase a pre-paid SIM Card in 3 major telecommunication companies in Korea : Olleh, T-World and U+. You will find them easier at 'Dongseong-ro Cellphone Street' which is in the Daegu downtown.

More info of 'Dongseong-ro Cellphone Street' → Click here

Get helpful information and city maps
at Daegu Tourism Information Centers!

There are Daegu tourism information centers at Daegu’s tour attractions such as Dongdaegu Train station, Daegu Train station.
They provide useful tour information, maps of the city, transportation, accommodation facilities, coupons and foreign language service such as English, Japanese and Chinese, and more.

Take the Monorail, the subway line 3!

Did you know that travelling by public transportation is very convenient.
The major tour spots of Daegu are on the subway lines.
Especially, the Monorail which is line 3 will let you look down the scenery of city during both day and night.

Download useful apps for travelling in Korea!

You can get all the practical information through mobile apps before you land in Daegu, Korea.

The all apps, that Daegu Travel recommends, have English service. Just change the language setting after download them.

Visit Korea: Office Guide - Korea Tourism Organization 
This is an app records approximately 30,000 pieces of local travel information regarding all parts of Korea.

Daegu Jung-gu Walking Tour 
It contains famous walking tour courses and descriptions of 36 tourist spots in Jung-gu, the center of Daegu City.
→ Click here to download

Daegu City Tour Double-decker Bus (대구시티투어 2층버스) 
It contains introduction of tour courses and city tour double-decker bus stops.
Click here to download

Daegu Tour 
Daegu Tourist Information's official app.
Click here to download

Subway Korea  
Information of all the regions’ subway lines in South Korea is contained.
→ Click here to download