Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Cafes in Korea :: Daegu Hanok(Korean traditional house) Cafe 'MOGA'

Cafes in Korea, Daegu Hanok(Korean traditional house) Cafe 'MOGA'
In Daegu, near the heart of the city there is hidden jewel; a place where you can experience unique and delicious beverages, cakes and desserts and immerse in nature.

This place is MOGÁ, an organic cooking studio and cake café. 

Establish in a beautiful traditional Korean house call ‘Hanok’ and embellish and surrounded by naturethat enhance the beauty of this place. 

Especially the tree in the middle of the yard where the name of the place come from, the quince tree or Mogá (모과) in Korean.

As soon as you get there, the very friendly and helpful staff guide you to the place that you pick as the place where you want them to bring your order.

There,they will give you the menu of beverages and desserts, and since the menu is seasonal you can always taste something different all year round.

Then when you know what you want, approach the counter to make your order.

In this place you can also find delicious bake goods.

There are western style cakes that are sell by the piece but you can also buy the whole cake to take home if you reserve it beforehand.

There are different types of cookies that you can accompany with delicious teas of the menu.

And if you are crabbing just something sweet try the fluffy meringues that melt in your mouth or the crunchy coconut cookies.

Inside the space is cozy and inviting, perfect for an afternoon tea with friends.

Outside is fresh and spacious, full of exuberant nature that will make you feel outside of the city.

In the garden there is also a private room that can be reserved for romantic dates or family gatherings.

In addition to the Hanok a Solariumis the place to be if you want to be close to nature but you want the warmth of being inside.

In the interior you can hang out ina siting area for a large group of people or a small personal nook where you can enjoy the delicious creations that this café have to offer.

Some of those creation are the Ice Cube Latte and the Carrot Cake.

As its names infer the Latte is a tall glass filled with ice cubes of espresso accompany with chill refreshing milk and a little jug of syrup.

You simply pour the milk in the ice cubes and sweetened at your one taste with the syrup. Slowly the ice cubes will melt and you will have unique and luxurious latte. But if you still have ice espresso cubes and no milk, I have good news for you,you can ask for one refill of milk.

As for the Carrot Cake you can delight your taste buds with a perfect mixture of nuts, raisins, spices and carrot in a rich and spongy cake, top with a cloud of lemony vanilla creamcheese.

Definitely a highly recommended place to visit if you want to taste something different.Plusthe ingredients they use are organic, so not only are good for you but also for the environment.

Therefore you can go by yourself, with your friends or family. Just go, taste, enjoy and comeback for more.

To get there is very easy, you just have to take the subway, green line, and get down in Kyungpook National University Hospital. Then go out at exit number 3 and walk strait until Flora Wedding and at the end block turn left. There, you will see the oasis of nature, there is MOGÁ.

Address : 40-17, Daebong-dong, Jung-gu, Daegu, Korea