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Daegu Contemporary Art Festival in Gangjeong, 'From near and far' - Exhibition in Korea

Daegu Contemporary Art Festival in Gangjeong, From near and far - Exhibition in Korea

△ John Clement' major work

Daegu Contemporary Art Festival 'From near and far' is taking place in Gangjeong from August 21 through September 20, 2105.
Daegu, the city of South Korea used be the centre of modern art in the past, now you can appreciate famous artists's artworks in Daegu.
It's nice time to enjoy artworks at the outdoor where The ARC, the one of Daegu's landmarks, is seen.

△ The ARC in Gangjeong

△ Lee Nam Lee 's major work                   △ Wilfredo Valladares's major work

Daegu Contemporary Art Festival in Gangjeong, 'From near and far'
● Title : Gangjeong, 'From near and far'
● Period : Aug 21 through Sepr 20, 2105
● Venue : The ARC square in Gangjeongbo, Nakdong River
● Participating Artists 
1. John Clement,  2. Woon Hak Chung,  3. Ki Jo Kim,  4. Yun Seob Kim,  5. Tallur, L.N.
6. Hui Bong Park,  7. Local Post,  8. Shoufan Piao,  9. Sung Il Yu, 
10. Lee Nam Lee (Oct.1-2),  11. Jae Hyun Kwon,  12. Seung Ho Baik,  13. Young Sup Kim
14. Moha. Jong Yuen Ahn,  15. Wilfredo Valladares,  16. Myeong Beom Kim,  17. Boo Yun Choi, 
18. Keun Byung Yook,  19. Jong Ku Kim,   20. Jun Seub Sim,  21. Hayoon Jay Lee, 
22. Chang Min Lim,  23. Han Chul Shin,  24. Project ALFA,  25. Yeon Suk Lee

● Program
1. Opening Ceremony on Aug 21 (Fri) 19:30pm - Music, Performances, Flash mob
2. See:Saw - sketch experience
3. Show me The Artists - Special Exhibit inside The ARC
4. Docent tour - Fri, Sat, Sun at 19pm, 20pm, 21pm

● Free Entry! 

● Direction for The ARC in Gangjeongbo from Dongdaegu station
1. Subway and Bus (1hr 15 mins)
- Take a subway at Dongdaegu station, Subway line 1.
- Transfer to Subway line 2 at Banwoldang station.
- Get off at Daesil station.
- Transfer to Bus '성서1'(Seongseo1) bound for Daegok, Dasa nearby exit 2 of Daesil station.
- Get off at 강정보(Gangjeongbo) and 8 min walk to The ARC.
2. Taxi (40mins)
The rate will be about 20,000won from Dongdaegu station.

● Address : 805, Jukgok-ri, Dasa-eup, Dalseong-gun, Daegu, Korea

*All the Photos from the blog of Daegu Contemporary Art Festival in Gangjeong, 'From near and far'

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