Saturday, May 30, 2015

Korea Exhibition - Yinka Shonibre MBE: Wilderness into a Garden_Daegu Art Museum

Daegu Exhibition - Yinka Shonibre MBE: Wilderness into a Garden

We have an exhibition which is Yinka Shonibre MBE: Wilderness into a Garden for your weekend in Daegu.

 ▲ the source of the photo : Website of Daegu art museum

Here is about the artist ‘Yinka Shonibre MBE’.

Yinka Shonibre MBE (The following extract is taken from Website of Daegu art museum)
British-born Nigerian artist Yinka Shonibare MBE (b.1962, London) is an acclaimed contemporary African artist known for his superb aesthetic sensibility. Shonibare contracted a rare inflammatory disease when he was 18, resulting in physical disability. Overcoming such unforeseen adversity through sheer willpower, he went on to study art at university.

His singular view of the world is expressed in his art. As a dark-complected individual raised in a white society, Shonibare unflinchingly examines how Eurocentrism and racism are deeply and unthinkingly embedded in Western society. However, his works are approachable, for his criticism of imperialism, colonialism and the distortions of history that lie at the root of racism and Eurocentrism are tempered by a sense of humor.

Shonibare’s works offer a singular view of what was, and what could be. Using varied media –sculpture, installation, film, and photography –Shonibare’s readings of history incorporate art, music, literature and culture to create rich narratives and a unique voice.

 ▲ the source of the photo : Website of Daegu art museum

Here is a video of interview with Yinka Shonibare.
If you want to know more about the world of his artworks, watch this before visiting the exhibition.

▲ the source of video : YouTube

▷ Exhibition : May 30 ~ October 18, 2015
▷ Venue : Daegu Art Museum
▷ Entrance fee : Adults 5,000 won / Teenagers, soldiers(under sergeant) 3,000 won / Elementary students 2,000 won
▷ Inquiries : +82-53-790-3000

How to get to Daegu Art Museum 

▷ Take a shuttle bus or public bus 402 from Daegongwon Station, subway line 2. 
The shuttle bus between Daegongwon Station and Daegu Art Museum is running from 8:30 to 19:30 (21 times) in summer and from 8:30 to 18:30 (19 times) in winter at an interval of 30 min.

 If you want to get there by Taxi, it will take you about 30 min and cost 11,000 won from Dongdaegu Station.

Address of Daegu Art Museum : 40, Misulgwan-ro, Suseong-gu, Daegu, Korea

Friday, May 29, 2015

Daegu's Cafes - Unique Bingsu Cafes for summer in Korea!

Season for Bingsu has come! It’s getting hot in Daegu, Korea.
This hot summer~ a dessert that will blast away the heat immediately is here for you!

A snack that represents the summer, Bingsu.
Bingsu is a shaved ice dessert with sweet toppings in Korean.
There are various kinds of Bingsu in Korea.

     I’M PAUL – Greentea Bingsu

I’M PAUL, located at the front gate of Keimyung University Seongseo campus!
They make Greentea Bingsu with shaved ice of green tea and add some healthy nuts and sliced rice cake with greentea ice-cream on top. Very bountiful Greentea Bingsu :D

Address of I’M PAUL : 1797-10, Sindang-dong, Dalseo-gu, Daegu, Korea

     My Coffeecal Romance – Grapefruit Bingsu

If you are looking for something sweet and sour, try Grapefruit Bingsu at My Coffeecal Romance located at the Cafe Street at Dongseongro, Daegu!
This café is famous for Grapefruit Bingsu.

Address of My Coffeecal Romance : 67-2, Gongpyeong-dong, Jung-gu, Daegu, Korea

    MiniMini Jjimdak – Monster Chocolate Bingsu

This café is Famous for Monster Chocolate Bingsu located 10 mins from Jukjeon Station, subway line 2.
They serve some Korean food, Jjimdak(Braised Spicy Chicken with Vegetables) and Tteokbokki( a popular Korean snack food made with soft rice cake, fish cake and sweet red chili sauce) as well.

Address of MiniMini Jjimdak : 373-15, Jukjeon-dong, Dalseo-gu, Daegu, Korea

Duryu Park - Good place to enjoy a picnic with chicken in Daegu Korea

Nowadays, this May's weather is much warmer than last year.
As we can see a lot of people to enjoy outside activities than before. So we had a planning to picnic to Duryu Park in Daegu.

Duryu park is one of famous park in Daegu for the Family. This located in  Duryu station on Daegu subway line 2. After get off this station, go out gate 14 to easily find out Duryu park and also come here by Bus.

There are 3 reason why this is rising place in daegu.
First E-World. E-World is only one greatest amusement park in Daegu also located near here therefore this place is much popular than other places to enjoy.
Second, the place called Gwang-jang is near here. This place is not much popular place in before but after building the Lotte-Cinema. This is most hottest place and also called post downtown in daegu.
The last one is 'Daegu Culture & Arts Center'. Duryu park is center of culture, art and sports complex. In the park, there are national culture and art center, national swimming pool, can easily riding bike and Rollerblade. That is why we are going here at this nice weather in May.

Duryu park is called YADANG.
It means abbreviation of the outdoor concert hall. this place is what we're about to introduce to you. If you go there, you can feel a peaceful atmosphere.

In Summer, As concert or various performance is held, anyone who has open mind to everything can enjoy with other people.

In the daytime, family comes to here with their children, and In the nighttime, people enjoy a lot of things in here.
Likewise, spread a mat and eat delicious food. especially chicken and beer!!!!
Chicken and beer is fantastic food to go on a picnic with.

While we look around here, we can discover good scene that they seems to practice the performance. It looks so funny and I want to do it together someday.

We moved to other place. If you visit Daegu for many times, you might see this picture. Because this photo zone is well known to people.
You can find 83 tower which is located at the E-WORLD in the back side of the picture. Also it includes colorful Daegu in a good sense.

Daegu which has various goodness express meaning of smart city, culture & arts, tour city.

When we arrived there, children were playing at that place.
So we went up there and took pictures likewise children who were playing together.

Is there anybody who found three of our members?

In the Duryu park, there is information center as to Duryu park in details.

You can get helpful information while you go around this park.

If you go to inside of this place, you don't only get information but also can see the historical model of Daegu Korean folk song singer, 'Kim Kwang Seok'.

Also a small exhibition venue is being prepared and various products and specialities which is produced in Daegu can be sold in this place.'.

When you walk along the trail. you can find people doing the exercise.
And then go down the street, there is bicycle rental center. Because trail is good, you can discover people who ride a bicycle. Rental fee is 3000 won for an hour.
It can be a good thing to enjoy together whoever, a girl friend or a boy friend.

And you can see hidden attractions around this park.

One of them is the Daegu Culture & Arts Center.
In this place, some photo exhibition , concerts are often held.

We looked around Duryu park. How was it? was it good???
We look forward to going there someday again imagining the scene that we eat chicken and beer on the mat.

Also we want to recommend to go there before it gets hotter.

Address of Duryu Park : 588-3, Duryu 3-dong, Dalseo-gu, Daegu, Korea

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Shopping mall - List of popular shopping places in Daegu Korea

There are numerous shopping places in Daegu from traditional markets to department stores where one can enjoy various shopping life. In recent years, multi-complex shopping malls are crowded with people in Daegu.

    Fashion Trendsetter area, Dongseongro

Every trend of Korea is gathered in the street of youth, Dongseong-ro, the center of Daegu’s culture and shopping!

This is a place where most number of people and stores are concentrated in Daegu. It is also a shopping place that cannot be left out among young people.

▶ Transportation : Junang-ro Station, Subway line 1

Address : 3-ga Dongseong-ro Jung-gu, Daegu, South Korea

    Daehyun Primall, Underground shopping Arcade 

Underground shopping mall known as Daehyun Primall is the shopping area where you can purchase various goods such as clothing, accessories, stationery, books and electronic equipment,. There are 161 shops placed at Daehyun Primall. 

▶ Transportation : Junang-ro Station, Subway line 1

Address : 143-1 Bongsan-dong, Jung-gu, Daegu, South Korea

    Lotte Outlet Esiapolis

The rising theme park of Daegu, Esiapolis!
Enjoy a fabulous shopping at Lottee Outlet Esiapolis that provides various products and cultural space. Lotte Outlet Esiapolis is an outlet complex of Daegu.
You can conveniently visit stores of women fashion, men fashion, outdoor, miscellaneous items and foreign fashion items by brands. Also you can buy products at reasonable prices.

▶ Transportation
- By Bus : Take rapid 1 (Geuphaeng 1) or 101-1 that is bound for Pagyesa and get off at 'Esiapolis the sharp 2'. Walk to the Outlent for 9 mins.
- By Taxi : If you take a taxi from Dongdaegu Station, it will take you about 20 mins and cost 8,000 won.

Address : 1545 Bongmu-dong, Dong-gu, Daegu, South Korea

    Daegu Stadium Mall – COLOR SQUARE

It’s very popular for young people to hang out at complex malls.
Daegu Stadium Mall with state of the art architectures functions as one of the fabulous fashion and culture complex malls in Daegu.
It has a huge grocery store, clothing shops, brand shops, movie theatre, restaurants and beautiful walking paths.
It’s directly connected to Daegu Stadium which was a mecca of big festivals such as World Cup2002, Asia Song Festival2011, and IAAF World Championships Daegu2011.
Daegu Stadium Mall doesn’t have shops as many as Dongseongro street but good to walk around in bad weather because of that the stores are inside of the mall.

▶ Transportation
- By Bus : 403, 609, 939 Get of at Daegu stadium
- By Taxi : If you take a taxi from Dongdaegu Station, it will take you about 30 mins and cost 12,000 won.

Address : 504, Daeheung-dong, Suseong-gu, Daegu, South Korea

Travel in Daegu :: Agricultural Experience in City, Guam Farmstay Village

Let us all leave for Guam Farmstay Village, a place with all the natural experiences, including tomato picking and woodwork experience~!

Guam Farmstay Village is a popular tourist attraction rising among tourists, even included in Daegu City Tour Course. This place also provides kids with experiences of popular Korean traditional culture and agriculture at the same time.

Tomato picking experience is available from June to July.

The cultivation process is taught in a kind and detailed manner.
Just handpick red-ripe, delicious cherry tomatoes to harvest them. They are edible even when unwashed,as they are grown in an eco-friendly manner.

This is Woodwork Experience Center.
In woodwork experience, you can do any woodwork in any desired shape and bring it home.

In this room, the president of Guam Farmstay Village drew the wallpaper himself as a hobby. Also, the Hanbok(Korean traditional dress) experience is available here.

Aside from the harvesting experience, there are plenty of other experiences in Guam Farmstay,such as making straw rope and sandal, viewing and learning Pungmul (Korean folk music tradition), grinding grains with a treadmill, and carrying Korean A-frame.

We strongly recommend you to visit the Guam Farmstay Village, located at the foot of Palgongsan Mountain, a place with fine air and fresh water~!

[Guam Farmstay Experience]
ㅁ Different experiences are available according to the season, so please make an advanced telephone reservation before visiting.
ㅁ For the case of Food Experiences (cooking Tofu, Kalguksu, etc.), there may be limitations for small groups.
ㅁ Experience Costs may vary with the seasonal market price.
ㅁ Be sure to make a preliminary inquiry before visiting, as the farm may be too large for walking.Vehicles are provided to help look around the places during the visit.

▷ StrawberryPicking (8,000 won) March ~ May
▷ Japanese Apricot Picking (4,000 won) June
▷ Cherry Tomato Picking (5,000 won) June ~ July
▷ PotatoPicking (4,000 won) September ~ July
▷ Apple Picking (4,000 won) August ~ November
▷ Chestnuts Picking (5,000 won) September ~ October
▷ Sweet Potato Picking (4,000 won) September ~ November
▷ Sweet Persimmon Picking (4,000 won) October ~ January

■ Directions 
- By Bus : Take rapid (Geuphaeng) 1 or 401 (To Donghwasa, Gatbawi), get off at Guam Village. 
- By Taxi : If you take a taxi from Dongdaegu station, it will take you aboutm 30 mins and 14,000 won.
■ Contact : +82-53-984-5274 *Advanced reservation must be made before visiting.
■ Homepage :

Address :  38, Guam-gil, Dong-gu, Daegu, South Korea

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Travel Accommodations in Daegu – A Reasonable Guest House of Choice: Reming Guest House

The only time you can relax in this unfamiliar city is when you avail a comfortable accommodation. Let us recommend to you an accommodation in Daegu that will take care of your night.

We introduce you to the guest house in the best location, with a unique ambiance, comfort, and safety – Reming Guest House which just opened in February this year.

It is 10-minute walking distance from Dongdaegu Station, a flag station of KTX where every passenger could pass by. This guest house feels like a country house with convenient transportation and modern design.

It has cozy attic space, 6 rooms, 2 bathrooms, and living-dining room.
It consists of 4 small rooms and 2 large rooms that allow a maximum of 2 guests to stay in. Also, the guest house always provides daily necessities to lift the burdens of travelers.
This guest house provides dryer, towels, shampoo, soaps, and even sleepwear for those travelers who are not able to bring their own sleepwear, showing the great care of the owner.

You can stay over comfortably through its cozy ambiance and security system (installed outdoor CCTV).
It also provides American style breakfasts as your delicious meal before you hit the road.

It is the place where the interior sense of the owner stands out through its cute props, antique furniture, and cozy lighting!
If you want to stay in a place where you can comfort yourself in silence and safety, we strongly recommend the Reming Guest House.

▶ Accommodation costs (per night)
Small room (per guest) : Weekdays 45,000 won, Weekends(Fri,Sat) 50,000 won
Large room (per guest / maximum of 2) : Weekdays 85,000 won, Weekends(Fri,Sat) 100,000 won
※ Additional 15,000 won per night for 2 guests to stay in a large room.

▶ Advance reservation is available through the Airbnb website  → Click Here

Address : Dongbu-ro 19-gil, Dong-gu, Daegu, South Korea