Thursday, January 22, 2015

The perfect place for picture taking in Dae-gu/ Beautiful sceneries ~ 99 Stairs Mural Village

Beautiful mural villages can be found almost everywhere in Korea.

Among the many, the mural villages in Daegu are known for their various concepts. 

There is the “Mabijeong Mural Village” where you can feel the beauty of traditional Korea, and Retracing Kim Kwang-seok Street” which was inspired by a singer named Kim Kwang-seok.
Today, among these several mural villages, I would like to introduce 99 stairs mural village in Icheon-dong that gives you a cozy ambiance. 
This mural village is located in Icheon-dong, Namgu, Daegu, near the line 3 Geondeulbawi Station, so you can easily visit the place once Line 3 opens.
I think Icheon-dong’s 99 stairs mural village is more attractive; all the more so because it is not that big or renowned compared to other mural villages!!
It was just like an ordinary narrow alley which can be found in any kind of villages, until the murals gave that feeling of coziness.
Now, colorful flower enlivens the dull wall of an old house!
The place is packed with dazzling flower pots and dense trees that seem to last throughout the year. 
You might be frightened to pass along the dark alley!
But, with the walls decorated like this, I think you will feel less scary. 
The place you see right in the picture is the 99 stairs. 

You can see a sort of an illusion of a couple leaning against the tree and a cute dog as you walk up the 99 stairs. 

A place worth a visit in Daegu! The 99 Stairs Mural Village in Icheon-dong, Namgu! Its simplicity makes it more wonderful!!! ^^ 
You can easily visit the place via monorail once the Metro Railway Line 3 opens, so you should definitely try it at least once!

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