Saturday, January 10, 2015

Second Recommended Travel Course of Daegu for Rail-ro Travelers! 1 night 2 days at Suseong·Gachang

If your stay at Korea is long, we recommend you to travel around the country.
In order to do that, travelling by train is most efficient.

Especially during the vacation season, it is really nice to travel because of a Rail-ro ticket for unlimited train ride (except KTX) by a week or 5 days. 

Second story of recommended travel course of Daegu for those who visit Daegu with Rail-ro ticket
Let’s start with episode of 1 night 2 days at Suseong·Gachang.

Day 1: Arrival at Dongdaegu Station → [Tour] Daegu Art Museum → [Tour] forRest Spa Valley → [Lunch] Deulan-gil Food Town → [Tour] Suseong Pond → [Dinner] Anjirang Tripe Alley → [Lodging] Apsan Business Hotel

First destination is Daegu Art Museum.
Daegu Art Museum is a city museum representing Daegu where you can view works of different domestic and foreign artists.
Currently launching work is Exhibition and around 100 picture and installed works are displayed. 

Next destination is forRest Spa Valley. 
Spa Valley is a resort in a city where you can enjoy the four season hot spring, water park, and forest lodge!
Since there is a lodging, it is also recommended for those with some time to stay overnight at Spa Valley. 

You are getting hungry, aren't you?

Next destination is Deulan-gil Food Town. 
There are various foods at Deulan-gil Food Town.
There are numerous Korean cuisines such as pork rib, hot spicy meat stew, Korean table d’hote, boiled pork and more, so choose according to your taste!

If you have enjoyed your lunch, shall we now have a walk at Suseong Pond?
Suseong Pond is a place where many people visit to spend a leisurely day with family, friends and lovers.
The attractions of Suseong Pond continue even at night~~~
Once the sun is set, soft lights cover Suseong Pond creating a beautiful night view. 

For dinner, we recommend entrails and tripe which are the foods representing Daegu. 

Try unusual Korean foods at the Anjirang Tripe Alley where there are many tripe restaurants whose chewy and savory flavors are excellent.

The lodging we want to recommend do Rail-ro travelers today is Apsan Business Hotel.
It is near to Anjirang Tripe Alley that it is good go walk to the hotel after having some drinks. It is a comfortable, clean lodging. 

Day 2: [Tour and Brunch] ApsanCafe Street

Before leaving Daegu after sleeping, we recommend you the ApsanCafe Street as the last destination.
Brunch which you enjoy at a cafe street with nice ambience! Wouldn't it be wonderful?
There are franchise coffee bars at ApsanCafe Street but there also are small, unique coffee bars that it is loved as a place to go on a date. 

How was the 1 night 2 days travel course at Suseong·Gachang?
We recommend this course to those who want to have a leisurely travel to Daegu rather than complicated destinations. 

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