Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Recommended Travel Course of Daegu for Rail-ro Tourists Episode 3! _ 1 Night 2 Days at Palgong Mountain

Enjoying downtown travel is good,

However a healing travel in the nature is also charming!

Today’s tour attraction we will introduce is a course where you can experience “healing” in nature within Daegu city.

Daegu’s representative mountain, Palgong Mountain! Fall into the novelty of attractions of the place.

■ First day: Arrival at Dong-Daegu Station → [Tour] A-Yang Train Road  [Tour] Ong-Gi-Jong-Gi Happy Village  [Evening] Dong-Chon Amusement Park  [Lodging] General Shin-Seung-Gyeom Historical Site (Pyo-Chung-Jae) Korean-style House stay
This travel course’s first destination is A-Yang Train Road.
A-Yang Train Road, also called as Daegu’s Le Pont-Neuf, is characterized by the bridge that is made out of non-usable old railroad after the remodeling process.
In the middle of the bridge is a cafeteria where it is good to take a breath and view the beautiful landscape for a while.
Next destination is a place of congenial atmosphere, Ong-Gi-Jong-Gi Happy Village at Dongchon.
Ong-gi-Jong-gi Happy Village with several beautiful wall paintings is filled the warm atmosphere.
Also, the warm-tone colors of the wall paintings provide nice backgrounds for your photo shoots.

Now isn’t it a time for meal?
Daegu Dong-Chon Amusement Park is the most visited place for a walk, a bicycleriding, and flower feast, thus with a number of eateries.

A food that you can never miss tasting at Daegu! Try out Mak-Chang.
A unique lodging quarter recommended for Rail-ro tourists! Pyo-Chung-Jae Han-Ok Stay!

A sleepover experience at a historical site~ isn’t it new?
A place where you can feel the freshness of the nature and the beauty of Korea’s old house! The price can be discounted for Rail-ro tourists too!

■ Second day: [Tour] Palgong Mountain Gat-Ba-Wi  [Tour] Dong-Hwa-Sa Temple → [Lunch] Donghwa Mass Facility Area  [Tour] Daegu Safety Theme Park

The highlight of the 1night 2days at Palgong Mountain!
Shall we go together to the famous Palgong Mountain?
Since Palgong Mountain’s Gat-Ba-Wi is a short mount-climbing course about one hour long for one-way, it is good for a morning exercise.

Gat-Ba-Wi is where people pray for their lucks, so try praying for your wishes.
The next tour destination is Dong-Hwa-Sa Temple.
Dong-Hwa-Sa Temple is a Buddhist temple that was first founded during the year 832 of Shilla Dynasty.

It was re-established in Joseon Dynasty to equip the present’s elegant appearance.

A new stone statue of Buddha “Tongil-yaksa-yeorae-daebul Buddha Statue” placed last 1992 made the temple even nicer.

Now that we have climbed up the mountain and looked around the temple, shall we head for lunch?
Donghwa Mass Facility Area refers to a gathering place for different convenient facilities like restaurants, convenient stores and cafeteria.
Oh! Donghwa Mass Facility Area is also a starting point of Palgong Mountain Cable car.

If you worry that you dislike tough mountain climbing but eager for its views, make use of this cable car!
You can climb up just in 7 minutes.

The last tour destination of Rail-ro travel is Residents Safety Theme Park.
Residents Safety Theme Park is a place where you can experience safety-training program in case of disastrous accidents from happening.
We can learn how to handle the different situations of disasters.

If you want to have a meaningful tour to organize and reflect your own accord of thoughts, put your attention to the Palgong Mountain’s 1night 2days course tour!

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