Monday, January 19, 2015

Meet Daegu’s Snow Palace: Biseul Mountain Recreational Forest Ice Hill –Biseul Mountain Ice Festival

An animation that has attracted the world, ‘Frozen’!

There is a more splendid Ice Hill at Daegu.
If you want to experience Korea’s winter for real, Visit Biseul Mountain Recreational Forest Ice Hill
An awesome ice pillar has made in the entrance valley of the Biseul Mountain Recreational forest.

Also, the gigantic glacial walls are stood at the opposite side of the ascending pathway to the Recreational Center. 
There also are icicles hung on the trees.

Each ice wall displays different figures! Aren’t they fabulous?

It feels like Elsa actually came to the place and froze everything!
Biseul Mountain Recreational Forest’s glacial walls are over 10 meters high!
It is gigantic, indeed!
However, the highlight of this place is the ice cave.

Despite the tiny space just fit for a person to pass, the surrounding walls made of ice are still marvelous.
You can pass four caves consecutively, where long caves are 20~30m long, while short caves are 10m long.
Other attractions of Biseul Mountain Ice Hill are the ice sledge rink and the slide.
Kids look enthusiastic and excited as seen on their faces.

This winter, visit Daegu and look around the splendid view of the Ice Hill!!

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