Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Delicious Restaurants of Daegu / Sweet and Spicy Instant Tteok-bokki! Tteok-bokki Alley at Dongsung-ro, Daegu

Koreans really love the spicy foods.
That’s why a lot of foods use pepper paste and pepper powder~
A food we will be introducing today is Tteok-bokki (Stired-fried Rice Cakes) loved by everyone for its spicy and sweet taste. 
Tteok-bokki is a dish cooked by adding rice cakes, fish cakes, vegetables, noodles, etc. to the spicy pepper sauce. 

There are a lot of instant Tteok-bokki restaurants at Tteok-bokki Alley located at Dongsung-ro.
Especially, this place is also loved by students because of its low price. 
You can order by personally checking the number of order on the menu set on the table. 
Uncooked Tteok-bokki ingredients are served in a big pot.

You eat by cooking instantly. Add some cheese also before eating. 

After you are done eating Tteok-bokki, you can make fried rice with the soup left. This also is special. 

Daegu filled with delicious food!
Come to Daegu and eat many delicious foods!

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