Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Daegu Winter Festival / A Mongol bus trip! Mongolian Culture Festival “Genghis khan’s invitation”

The Mongolian Culture Festival was held at Daegu’s well-known eco village “Herb Hills”. 
Without having to travel for hours on the plane!
You can enjoy the experience Mongol’s culture and tradition just by getting on a bus heading to “Herb Hills”

Are you ready to go and have fun and excitement at the Mongolian Culture Festival?
The Mongolian Culture Festival “Genghis khan’s Invitation”, which has been held since last December 20 is a festival where you can experience Mongolian traditional art performance, traditional Mongolian outfit parade, traditional Mongolian games and so much more.  
Sculptures of well-known Mongolian figure to the daily life events and special characteristics of the Mongolians are displayed at the beautiful Herb Square.
Past the Square is an experience center of Mongolian traditional clothes and photo-zones are prepared. 
Past the Photo-zone is a camping field that allows people to experience the traditional Mongolian houses called “Ger”.  Its interior was wide and good. The center part is surged up that the ceilings were high!

After experiencing the diverse aspect of Mongol, the main highlight of the Mongolian Culture Festival “Genghis Khan’s Invitation” -Mongolian traditional art performances is a must to watch!
On the way to the main theater, you encountered an awesome ice valley and an adorable sheep.
Sheep are a very important livestock for the Mongolians.
The Mongolians drink sheep milk in place of water, a drink difficult to find in a prairie, and regain their stamina with sheep meat.

From a khoomi where a person sings making both high and low-pitched tones to Mongolian folkdance, performance, and handicrafts were endlessly unfolded. 
At the Herb Hills festival, you can also find traditional Mongolian restaurants. 
You can enjoy the foods that you can only taste at Mongol.
Mongolian dumplings called “Hoshelu” that are similar to our Korean dumpling, “hoibang” which are similar to fried noodles, milk and tea as traditional Mongolian tea, and Sutaecha seasoned with salt with the popular snack “Bochuku” are available at the festival.

Mongolian salad and “lapsha”, a dish made up of meat broth and noodles are also available.
Come to Herb HIils to experience diverse culture while spending time with your family.  

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