Thursday, January 15, 2015

Daegu Tour riding Urban Railway _ Episode 15 – Places to visit near Namsan Station ~ Suseong Gumin Gymnasium Station of Daegu Railway Line 3 Monorail

A transportation that we have only seen in the cartoon at childhood, Monorail! 

Now, we can meet it at Daegu soon.

Daegu Tour riding Urban Railway _ Episode 15 
We will introduce to you the places to visit and nearby tour attractions from Monorail Line 3 Nam-San Station until SuseongGumin Gymnasium

■ Namsan Station ~ SuseongGu Min Stadium Station section

[Namsan Station – Keimyung University (Daemyung Cultural Performance Street)]
In Namsan Station, there are Keimyung University known for its beautiful campus and Daegu’s cradle of Performing culture Arts! Daemyung Cultural Performance Street.
Keimyung University at Daemyung-dong is famous for its eye-pleasant campus that appeared in several dramas and movies.
It is a wonderful place with comforting atmosphere and exotic structures harmonized just so well!
Daemyung Cultural Performance Street is lined up with small spaces like small theaters and indie band clubs, which are the main places for the indie scene.

[Myeongdeok Station – Catholic Notre-Dame]
In Myeongdeok Station, there is a Marian Catholic chapel that delude oneself as if __ Europe.
Catholic Notre-Dame is known for a long historical structure completed in 1918.

A Notre-Dame utilized as a place to hold masses and a shelter to offer prayers.

This place is also a spot one must visit.

[Geondeul-bawi Rock Station – Daegu Confucian School]
A place worth visiting within the vicinity of Geondeul-bawi Rock Stationis Daegu Confucian School.
Daegu Confucian School, first established in 1398, was moved to the present location during the Japanese colonial era.

Here, Korea’s traditional education programs like Chinese classics education and etiquette lesson on-going.

It is popular for its traditional wedding ceremonial hall, too. 

[Daebong Bridge Station – Shincheon Skate Rink]
You can encounter an outdoor skate rink near the Debong Bridge station in winter seasons.
Shincheon Skate Rink that opens every winter is highly recommended for its inexpensive cost.
[Suseong Gumin Gymnasium Station – Boemeo Station World Plaza]

Just 10 minutes of walk away from the Suseong Gumin Stadium Station, you can find Beomeo Station where Art Street, full of galleries to enjoy Cultural Artistries are located inside.
There is Global Station where children can encounter English more naturally.

Beomeo Art Street provides opportunities for the regional artists for exhibition and allows the residents to find and enjoy the multifarious art pieces more conveniently.
Global Station that remodeled and re-opened last December 9 offers 3 major programs such as Global Cultural Experience Class, Career Exploration English Class and Practical Foreign Language Class.

Urban Railway Line 3 Monorail that is soon to open! I cannot wait to visit!

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