Thursday, January 29, 2015

Daegu for the winter~ with the BEST 3 recommended places to visit at Daegu!

Many people are expected to travel to Daegu~ 
That’s why an itinerary has been prepared for your travel in Daegu! 

3rd place. Apsan Café Alley

First recommended place to go to while in Daegu ~ Apsan Café Alley. 
Many people come here to experience the taste and flavor of Daegu ~ 

Apsan Café Alley is a famous dating place for its many intimate restaurants and cafés! 

You will find the Constellation Tunnel if you go straight up the street. You are encouraged to take a look at the constellations if you visit here! 

Enjoy mouthwatering meals from the Apsan Café Alley while feeling the refreshing wind of Apsan~.

2nd place. Suseongmot Lake

Another must-see place while in Daegu ~ Suseongmot Lake! 

It is one of the places in Daegu where you can see a body of water without any seawater around! It has an island situated in the middle of the lake. 

In Suseongmot Lake, you will surely enjoy the landscape which harmonizes the lake and the city ~ it is also a place with beautiful view at night after the recent construction. 

1st place. Seomun Market

You must not forget to taste the special delicacy of the place when you are traveling ~ 

Also, you must not miss the fun out of eating different delicacies while strolling around the place! 

The top recommended place to go to while in Daegu is the Seomun Market~ In Seomun Market, you will see many beautiful sights and taste different delicacies. It is an amazing place where famous restaurants, which people line up for, are just in every corner of the street. 

There are many delicacies in Seomun Market like Kaljebi (Noodle Soup and Sujebi), Triangle Dumpling, Seed Hotteok (Sugar-filled Korean Pancake) and many others.

Motnani Hot Bar and Meatball Skewer are really delicious. They are a must-try when you go to Seomun Market! 

There is also the ade (fruit soft drinks) which our friendly owner genuinely prepares for you! 

How was this short travel with me? 

There are more places to go to like the Apsan Observatory, where you could observe the scenic night view, the Ayanggyo Railroad, Dongseong-ro, which is full of youth, the Modern Street, which harmonizes the present time and the past, and the Street Drawing Kim Kwang-seok Street. 

So don’t dare miss them ~. 

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