Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Recommended Tourist Attractions in Daegu/ Daegu’s Unique Museums & Exhibition Tour Episode 2_Daegu Yangnyeong Herb Medicine Museum /Eco Herb Medicine Well-being Experience Center/National Daegu Museum

Winter in Korea is icy cold. But we shouldn’t stop travelling, right?

Let’s start our journey for unique exhibits in Daegu?Yangnyeongsi (medicine market) Herb Medicine Museum, Eco Herb Medicine Well-being Experience Center, Daegu National Museumwhichcould be found only in Daegu. Don’t we?!

■ Daegu Yangnyeong Herb Medicine Museum
Herb Medicine Museumin Yangnyeong city, Daegu commemorates old history of Yangnyeong city and informs many people about the herb medicines.

On the third floor,Herb Medicine History Room provides the history of Korea’s oldest professional market for herb medicines and you could experience it. 

There is a reconstruction of Yangnyeong’s herb medicine clinic and inn which existed before 100 years.
On the 2nd floor, there are spaces in which you could check your health status and sasang constitutional type and Herb Medicine Foot Bath Experience Center. 

■ Eco Herb Medicine Well-being Experience Center
2nd unique museum is Eco Herb Medicine Well-being Experience Centerat the front of Daegu Yangnyeong Herb Medicine Museum
Since it is an experience Center with theme of environment and herb medicine,it would be better if you enjoy with Herb Medicine Museum.
On the first floor, there is an Eco Exhibits with the themes of climate and environmentand on the second floor, gallery of medical herbs, raw material for herb medicines, and Healing Time space which provides massage chair.

■ National Daegu Museum
Last place is the National Daegu Museum
National Daegu Museumis a museum which represents Daegu, and it is very famous that every Daegu citizen seems to have gone there.
Display exhibition is composed of room for Buddhist culture and Confucian culture of prehistoric times,Three-Kingdoms era and medieval era found at Daegu and Gyeongsangbuk-do (Gyeongbuk Province)and since Daegu is known for fiber! Fiber room with 4 keywords which are thread, weave, color, cloth is provided. 
From December 6,Special Exhibition called ‘Daegu’s Root, Achievement' celebrating 20 years of serving will open, so try to visit there if you have any opportunity to visit Daegu.
If you are interested in the history and tradition of Daegu, then let’s start your journey at the Daegu Unique Museum and Exhibitions!

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