Saturday, December 20, 2014

Recommendations for Winter Travel Destinations at Daegu / Sparkling night of Daegu _ Daegu’s Night view Tour

The end of the year in Korea is really beautiful. 
It is because there are fancy lightings installed at the corners of the cities. 

Daegu as well had constructed beautiful night streets in the city as they spend last days of 2014. 

We will introduce tourist attractions of Daegu good for night view tour. 

■ Dongseong-ro
Dongseong-ro is the symbol for young people of Daegu. 
It is concentrated with many restaurants and shopping facilities that it is a hot place of Daegu. 
Dongseong-ro is visited by many tourists because it is near to Seomun Market and Modern Alley.

A huge tree installed here creates a romantic winter. 

■ 228 Commemorative Central Park
There is another place for a night view tour near Dongseong-ro and it is 228 Park. 
Beautiful lighting streets are constructed here.
Red, yellow, green, colorful light bulbs on every tree brighten the street. 

■ Gukchae-Bosang Park
Daegu’s Gukchae-bosang Park is where Watch-Night bell event is held on every last day of the year. 
A wonderful lighting is also installed here. 
The sparkling lightings like the stars are very beautiful. A Hear road at the middle of the lighting street is also very pretty.
Sparkling wings and snowman at the center would be loved by the children. 

Night of Daegu is really beautiful, isn’t it?
If you want to spend this winter special, enjoy a winter night date at Daegu.

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