Sunday, December 21, 2014

Let’s ride Palgong-san Cable Car which has been newly renovated in a Christmas atmosphere.

Few days left till Christmas!
Celebrating Christmas, the cable carat Palgong-san, the famous mountain of Daegu has newly renovated!

It has been wrapped with winter images like Rudolf, Santa, snowflakes, etc. 

Shall we go together?
The entrance to Palgong-san cable car seems a bit quiet, perhaps because it is weekday afternoon. 
If you enter, you will see a ticket booth and souvenir shop.
The cable car is open from 10am until 5pm every day during winter.
The lounge inside is also beautifully decorated with Christmas decorations. 
It takes 7 minutes to reach the top riding Palgong-san cable car and the height is about 820m above sea level. 
A lot of people hike on the New Year in Korea. 
You can meet people climbing the mountain and make a wish on the 1st day of January. 

The cable car adorned with Christmas is pretty, isn’t it? 
All cable cars are adorned with different images that it is also enjoyable to watch these while going up. 
At the top of Palgong-san is the Mountain Blue which is a sky garden. 
You can keep yourself warm and enjoy simple snacks and beverages here. 
We must see a splendid scenery if we reach the top, right?
You can also see a beautiful snowy landscape after snowing. 
There is a cable car wrapped with more beautiful images while going down!
It is really pretty!
How was the cable car transformed in celebration of Christmas?
If you travel Daegu during winter, don’t forget to ride Palgong-san Cable Car!

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