Friday, December 12, 2014

Famous Restaurants of Daegu / Hot soup is excellent! Winter special food you can’t leave out from travel to Daegu_ Kal-jebi at Seomun Market.

In Korea, people enjoy eating hot foods during winter.
When you visit Seomun Market of Daegu, you can meet Kal-jebi which is the food that’s more famous in cold season.
Seomun Market of Daegu is the biggest market despite the fact it is located in the middle of the city.
It is also located very near to a hot place, the Modern Alley.
At this market you see as you climb over the Cheongla Hill following Samirundong-gil, there are a lot of famous restaurants which you can’t just pass by which sell 10 tastes of Daegu including pressed noodle, kal-jebi, braised beef ribs, seed hotteok and more aside from flat dumpling which is the Daegu’s specialty.

Around the Meeting Point #2 is the place where restaurants selling kal-jebi are gathered which we will be introducing today.
It sells kal-guksu(Noodle Soup),sujebi(Hand-pulled Dough Soup), Kong-guksu(Noodles in Cold Soybean Soup)(cold bean-soup noodles) and more. 
The most famous foods, of course are the kal-guksu and sujebi.
The Kal-jebi at Seomun Market needs no side dishes! It is really delicious even with only pepper and radish kimchi!
Ta-da! The ordered food is finally served! 
The aromatic deep flavor and hot soup are perfect as the winter special food. 
With very inexpensive price of 3,000won and the plentiful amount compared to the inexpensive price, I think it is perfect to be called as the winter food representing Daegu!
Aside from these, different types of fish cake sticks are sold!
You can also taste the tteok-galbiwanjaggochi(Grilled short rib patties meatball skewers), which is said to be famous at Jeonju, at the Seomun Market! 
There are 2 kinds: Cheese meatball and normal meatball, so choose according to your taste!

If you have travelled to Daegu, don’t forget to visit Seomun Market and taste the foods of Daegu!

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